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Noel from Viking Beauty shares with us a fab beauty find - "Morroccan Oil" for half the price?! Count me in!

Blond hair is very fragile due to the fact that it is more porous than melanin-loaded hair. Often, natural blonds also have much thinner individual strands than brunettes. The cuticle is porous, dries quickly, and absorbs like a sponge. Therefore, blond hair is susceptible to pretty much everything. And, therefore:

As Tyra would say, "guuurl this is my Real Hair"
I have split ends.  So I recently went to Target in a effort to find a decent deep conditioner to make my hair less straw-like and more silk-like. 
I picked up Rusk's Deep Shine Oil. It seemed to have decent ingredients and I was desperate.
While chatting to a hair stylist at work the next day, I asked her how she felt about this whole "MoroccanOil business". She said she loves it and sells it at her salon. Uh oh. Danger. I asked her the difference between Rusk's oil and MoroccanOil and she said the following:

"The oil you have is a 'styling product', but MoroccanOil is a 'healing product'. It will actually heal split ends."

Hmm. Interesting.

Being a giant nerd, I decided to compare. Guess what I found?

Rusk Deep Shine Oil and MoroccanOil are essentially the same product. Really. There is no special active ingredient in that is not in Deep Shine Oil and would, therefore cause it to 'heal' versus merely 'style'. Both products contain various MoroccanOilsilicones (which are great smoothing ingredients for hair), both contain the same amounts of argan and linseed oils. Rusk's does contain the added benefits of algae extract. They both have roughly the same amounts of fragrance, solvents, and preservatives. At $20 versus roughly $40, Rusk is a better buy overall. 

Now, I have never tried MoroccanOil, so maybe it smells different, but I can tell you that the aroma of Rusk's oil is delightful. It's vaguely fruity/floral-y and reminds me of Hawaii (in the really, really Good Way).

So there you have it. If MoroccanOil can heal split ends, then so can Rusk Deep Shine Oil. 

1. Tell us a little about yourself...

I'm a twenty-something dorky, book-obsessed, fashion and beauty nerd who will read an encyclopedia for fun and loves to play with shapes and colors.

2. What can we expect to see from your blog?
I think it's very important for women to be happy with who they are. The notion that we should be baking ourselves into oblivion in order to look like a Malibu Barbie is dangerous both physically and mentally. Women should find happiness in their own bodies, even if those bodies are Caspar-white.
3. Top three blogs/ sites?
The Non-Blonde was one of the first blogs I read and I am still a fanatical follower. Gaia reviews perfumes in a way that no one else does. is an amazing resource for MAC makeup. The women who run this site work tirelessly to give us discussion forums and tutorial videos. 
Go Fug Yourself never fails to inspire me with witty commentary and a slew of bad fashion choices.

Want to know about more of Noel's beauty saviours? Check out Viking Beauty!


  1. That sales girl sounds like an idiot. Nothing can "heal" split ends, thats like saying you can heal a piece of ripped paper.

    MoroccanOil (and other similar products) are preventative. They condition hair and provide it with protection against heat and weather in the hope that the hair wont split as easily. Once it does however, there's nothing you can do about it except cut the split ends off.

    Sorry about the ranty post but I hate this selling tactic! You hear it so much when hair products are advertised and its just a lie! Its just the silicones in MoroccanOil that smooth the hair ends, and give the appearance of healthier hair.

  2. Hair is dead. Nothing can heal a damaged hair. You can use conditioners to "close" the hair and therefore make it look shinier and healthier, you can use silicone to additionally protect hair, and you can do a gazillion other things to prevent future hair damage, but you can never ever heal a hair! It's dead, for lords sake. Sorry, it just pisses me off so much when people say such non sense just to sell a product..

  3. Hi...i really appreciate your post. I find it very helpful. Moroccan oil is excellent for our hair it is made with argon oil and it is wonderful for curly hair just apply it on towel dried or wet hair after shower and allow your hair to air dry it will give you perfect texture shine and sleek, its is super good for frizz removal.

    Thanks and keep it up.

  4. Oh yes! You two are absolutely right! Neither silicones nor oil nor the holy grail of hair care can heal a hair which is split or broken. For heaven´s sake! Why can´t hair stylists and shop assistants be honest?!
    Coconut oil or jojoba oil and aloe vera leave juice really prevents you from split ends and you can buy it for a fraction of the price!!!


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