Beauty's Bad Habit is now on Lookbook!

I bit the bullet and finally joined Lookbook! I'm becoming more interested in what I wear instead of just 'whatever fits/ is clean', which is my usual way of choosing outfits. I love this site, it has so many creative people posting their amazing outfits - plus the photos are always brilliant.

Hopefully putting myself on an actual fashion/ style site will inspire me to take bigger steps in sorting out my rather bare wardrobe!

Who else has a Lookbook account? Who are your favourite members? Link me up!


  1. I want to join Lookbook! I love the outfit you're wearing there and your lipstick is amazing! xx

  2. lookbook is one of the first places i look for fashion inspiration when i'm stuck on deciding what to wear! :)
    Mine is linked on my blog, if you wanted to have a nose.


  3. Love that, checking it out now!


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