Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies...

I love baking, I love chocolate, I love peanut butter and I love cookies - combine them all and what do you get? Homemade peanut butter and choc chip cookies, of course!

 These were my  first venture into baking in my flat - I'd been putting it off seeing as it doesn't have a proper oven...and I haven't bought a whisk...and I don't have a sieve...or weighing scales...or grease proof paper...and I haven't been buying eggs, either. What?! Unprepared? Me?!

 I used the 'Peanut Butter and Chocolate Biscuits' recipe from Ellieand, I really like how she lays out her recipe posts with big pictures and simple instructions. I had to alter it a bit, converting grams to cups, using fruit sugar instead of granulated, milk instead of egg and mixing chocolate into the dough (as well as piling it on top - OM NOM NOM). Surprisingly, they taste amazing! Mine could have done with an extra five minutes, but if you're using milk instead of egg, it's no huge concern if they don't bake through quite properly.

What are your favourite cookie recipes? Favourite 'easy bakes'? Link me up!


  1. So you have just left out an egg? I don't use eggs, but I would ike to try this recipe...

  2. How funny, I just stocked up on ingredients to make chocolate peanut butter cookies! I am taking them to my friends tomorrow :)

  3. Mmmm the only thing that could make these better is banana.

    I always make people banana bread or chocolate, peanut butter and banana cakes. SO GOOD!

  4. Mmmmmm... can I come visit you? =D

  5. I just gained 5lbs by looking at this post *drools* lol

  6. @ Biba, yup, no egg. I just used a slosh of milk instead :)

    @ Sue, they taste it too!

    @ Glitterish Allsorts, great minds think alike!

    @ Jess, mmm, banana! I rarely get to bake with banana OR peanuts, since my friend (who is always over) hates one and is allergic to the other. Darn allergies.

    @ Nihrida, better be soo, because these are going fast! :P

    @ Jeneille, imagine how much I gained by eating them then ahaha

  7. Aaah this is wonderful!! I love seeing people attempt the recipes, and I love what you've done with it - I'm only sorry you had to change so much...maybe I should try out a few allergy-aware recipes myself in the future?!
    You've certainly left me drooling :) hope you enjoyed them!

  8. these look so yum! i'm so tempted to go make them... :) x

  9. These look super drool worthy, there goes the (non-existent) diet!

    I totally alter recipes too, don't have scales or measuring cups so I just do my best guestimates of measurements and it works.

    My favourite recipe doesn't require baking, rum balls. Super easy to make. I hate link bombing people but since you said to link up here is the recipe

  10. These look so good! :D I need to make some.
    Lucy x

  11. It's 9 in the morning and I haven't had breakfast yet, so I'm literally drooling :)). These look great, I've never baked cookies before but now I think I will, very soon!:D

  12. @ Danni, haha, no worries, chuck! I only had to change it because I didn't have the equipment (fresh into uni) and don't buy eggs because I wouldn't use them up before they go off. Seriously, nothing wrong with your original recipe at all!

    @ Aisling, DO IT.

    @ Makeup and Macaroons, haha, I totally do guestimating too! With recipes new to me I try not to though, with old favourites it's all by eye. Thanks for the link - always on the look out for easy, tasty treats!

    @ Lucy, yes you do :D

    @ Biba, no problem, chuck!

    @ Corina, haha, cookies are great to make - so fast and delicious :)

  13. Hmmmm... they look SOOO nice and I don't even like peanut butter but I would pinch a few of them hehe xxx

  14. Peanut butter is my biggest vice - Sun Pat Crunchy mmm! I must try these :)


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