OOTD - The Wolves

There's almost nothing I love more than a good, naff, 'my [insert name of creepy relation] would wear that' top. Well...in terms of naff clothing at least! There's a whole list of things I love more than naff tops: tinned ham, beards, knitwear, inflatables, lists - I'm sure you get the picture (I sure as Hell don't.) Anyway. what I'm trying to say is that I found this top at the local market and IT HAD TO BE MINE.

TOP - Market ('Wild' brand)
SHORTS - Hacked from a pair of old New Look jeans.
TIGHTS - Plain black over suspender tights off eBay.
BOOTS - From a random little shoe store.

Please excuse the white smudges on my top in the last picture and messy hair but I've been in class today! Finished off modelling a zombie face and made a one part mold, so I got COVERED in plaster - trust me, it was even spattered up my legs and all over my boots haha.

What do you think to this style of top? I'm more used to seeing them on greasy, fat old men.

(P.S) Go and listen to 'The Wolves' by Ben Howard! It's a stunner!


  1. I have to confess, normally I would hate his type of top! But you have managed to make it work! hats off to you Lily :)

    The nail polish is gorgeous btw x

  2. I too am only used to seeing this kind of top on old men haha! However, it looks amazing on you! Really edgy and cool, I could never pull it off.

    But then I guess that taking something and making it your own is what fashion is all about.

    Mega jealous! xx

  3. Wolf shirts FTW!!! I love it and I would totally wear it. I'd probably change it to fit my body more, but hell yeah!

  4. I love these sorts of tops I always rip them up and wear them off the shoulder! Your lipstick colour is gorgeous also. X

  5. A lot of my parents friends have this type of shirt. I LOVE you for wearing it.

  6. @ Sarah, I've hated them for years but I'm starting to like such things now!

    @ Steph, thanks chuck! Haha, I know what you mean, it's usually fat, old bikers with long, greasy hair haha

    @ nihrida, haha, it's awesome in a tacky kinda way! I think if I cut this to fit my body, I'd lose A LOT of the main image :/

    @ rae-kw, thanks! The lippy is Boots 17 'New Black' with MAC 'Prince Noir'.

    @ Science Geek, thanks!

    @ Robyn, ahahaha I know what you mean! <3

  7. I loved The Office episode with the three wolf moon shirt!!! This totally works. Big high five for rockin' it!!!

  8. Three Wolf Moon!! That shirt grants the wearer amazing powers, it says so on Amazon! It looks great on you! ;) http://www.amazon.com/Mountain-Three-Wolf-Short-Sleeve/dp/B002HJ377A

  9. CUTE!! I love how you made this shirt look so stylish!


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