My Make-up, My Personality?

By nature, as human beings, we make judgements. 95% of the time (by my ever so scientific calculations *cough*) we don't consciously mean to, but sometimes you spot somebody and you've judged them before you actually know single thing about them. Usually this snap judgement is kept to ourselves, we don't act on it, we forget almost straight away.

 [[ Mini Bad Habit back aged about 14/ 15 - before discovering foundation and eyebrow filling! ]]

So what does out make-up style say about each of us as individuals, if anything? When I first got into make-up, my make-up style was rather...brutal and bright. I was confident, a little wild, kooky, sick of 'the mainstream', out to shock and the world was mine - looking back, it was rather evident through how I looked.

  [[ My typical everyday make-up this year! ]]

About five years on, my make-up style has changed dramatically. I wear only the basics to make myself look...alive! My personality has definitely changed since I was the 'rock kid' - I'm far less outgoing, more focused, I'm cynical, logical and spend Saturday nights sat in drinking tea. Lets just say I'm far more boring (although happier) and it shows!

To test my little theory about us judging people or expressing ourselves through our make-up styles, I had three guinnea pigs dear bloggers do a little work for me! I gave them all different personality traits/ stereotypes and they based their looks on what they'd expect to see from each character. Can you guess who is playing which stereotype?

Now, I'm NOT promoting stereotyping or judging books by covers, I just want to make people more aware of how they perceive others. Really think about it next time in a crowd of strangers.

(p.s) Muchos love and thanks to my three contributors for being mega patient and awesome since they did these looks for me AAAAGES ago, but I've only just gotten around to writing this post up. Bad blogger!


  1. So... goth, and 'barbie' girl on each end... not sure about the middle. Preppy? Great idea!

  2. that pink shade was so amazing! pink, orange and yellow works so well together, and you look smashing in them as well!

  3. This is a really interesting post, I wish more people were a bit more friendly towards other nowadays, however they look. I wear alot of makeup but never think anything untoward of those who choose not to wear any.

  4. I was the same way in high school, I wore bright lime green eyeshadow and thick eyeliner...never did my brows.

    Def I must say I have become more suttle in my makeup, more focused on a clean fresh face. Great post!

  5. Goth, punk/piercings, and tan-aholic on the end?

    Dramatic effects compared to how these ladies usually look!

  6. I love your typical everyday look! its gorgeous! <3 I try not to judge people by the way they look... if I do see someone with hideous makeup or whatever then I think to myself why.. instead of omg! and jump to conclusions because usually its not what you think. My look has seriously changed alot too! especially inthe eyebrow department aaaannnd just putting my makeup on in general! :-)

  7. Sophie's makeup makes her look like Lauren from 'The only way is Essex'

    Very cool post :)

  8. I was the same in high school, though I didn't have half the skills with makeup. Black eyeliner and eyeshadow on the lid was sooooo hardcore for me. XD I was a makeup dunce so I went more for fishnets, leather and chains to express myself.

    These days though I'm not really conscious of what story or stereotype I'm putting forward with the makeup I wear. I guess I just love colour and think everyone should be colourful and jolly ^__^

  9. Awesome post! Love the cute pic of you from when you were younger!

  10. ohmigod its amii!! what a small blog-world!! i didnt even find this blog through hers :-D

    When i was at high school i either wore no make up,black eyeliner or purple lipstick and eyeshadow... no foundation ever, they were always too dark!
    I have a much better grasp of make up now, hehe.

    jo xx


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