Indie Halloween Collections...

A list and links of the indie companies who have come out with Halloween collections so far! Those with *s are companies I have tried and would recommend, those without are ones I haven't tried but have heard nothing but good things about :)

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Darling Girl Cosmetics *
Fyrinnae *
One Hand Washes The Other *
Hi-Fi Cosmetics *
Venomous Cosmetics *
Haus of Gloi (ok, so really an 'Autumn Collection' - but close enough for me!)
Rockabetty Beauty

I know I've missed a certain 'big' one, but that's because my experience with said company isn't a gleaming one. Anybody else I've missed off?

Have you bought from any indie Halloween collections this year? Are you planning to?


  1. Nooo! Did you have to?! :) So far I've been being good and only ordered from Darling Girl and Meow! I need to get a Fyrinnae order in soon!

  2. Haus of Gloi is pretty awesome. I've ordered several times from them before.

  3. I've been really excited about the Halloween releases too! Was it Meow you had issues with in the past? I only ask because I was contemplating ordering from them. :D Nice post!

  4. @ The Peach, yes, yes I had to! Well I think Fyrinnae are solving that for you, their e/s section has vanished.

    @ Starification, glad to hear it, I'm yet to order since they only ever seem to have a few of the things I want in stock :/

    @ Hebridean Sprite, nope, not Meow! I've never tried Meow but they have a pretty big fan base :)

  5. I love Haus of Gloi! I got some of their Ghost Puffs Pumpkin Butter with my last order. It smells just like buttercream frosting!

  6. I got some new scrubs and butters from Haus of Gloi Autumn range. I used Old Cider Haus yesterday and I'm in love with myself - I smell so good!


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