FOTD - Rock Night!

Seeing as there is a serious lack of rock clubs and pubs in Bolton (there's one rock pub - whaaaat?!) myself and a bunch of folk on my course decided it's time for a rock night! We had planned to go to a rock night organised by one of the local clubs...but the DJ pulled out - so instead, I'm off to a flat party!

 [[ My baby in my hands and make-up bag on the bed! ]]

EYES - TFSI, Shiro 'Master Sword', Darling Girl 'ON-X' and 'Apparition', Stargazer eyeliner pen, Barry M eyeliner pencil, mascara.

FACE - Collection 2000 'Lasting Perfection' concealer (I'm shade 'Medium'), No.7 'Beautifully Matte' foundation ('New Ivory'), Shu Uemura 'Matte Peach' blush, Kryolan powder.

LIPS - Stargazer 106 lipstick.

I'm seriously reverting back to this classic look lately - flicked eyeliner and red lips can do no wrong! Also - I'm 20 on Friday! How mental is that?! I'm going to celebrate back home on a PROPER rock night out - because Manchester knows how to handle its metal ;)


  1. Sigh, I haven't been to a rock night to a long, long time. Well, I've been to a rock oub, but not out dancing for like... 2 years. *cries*

  2. You look gorgeous, love the lip colour!
    (and happy early birthday too!)

  3. I love your brows! Which product is the silvery shimmery white on your eyes? I love it and looks like Illamasqua Beguile Pigment which I'm currently pondering purchasing.

  4. love the lip colour! and the hair/head band is gorgeous! x

  5. This is the most gorgeous I've seen you look! You look amazing x

  6. Your eyes look fabulous and I also have serious eyebrow envy right now :) Jude xx @jadlgw

  7. You look great! I really like the eyeliner. :) I'd really need a night out now, because I'm doing at the moment some schoolwork for uni. Luckily we're having a freshman cruise on Sunday. :) So have fun for me too. :)

  8. Looks great, I wish I could do winged eyeliner like that!

    (In the last photo you look like Billie Piper)

  9. your hair and make up makes me think of amy whinehouse :D

  10. Your eyebrows are killer!

    Happy birthday and rock on \m/ \m/

  11. This is so pretty! Makes me want to dig out the liner and red lipstick! xx

  12. I miss going to rock clubs. Haven't been to one since I moved out of Birmingham. I miss having a good mosh and waking with neck strain in the morning.

    Love that Stargazer lipstick. Looks so much more expensive than it is.

  13. great makeup look, i love your shirt!

  14. Wow, love your camera, is that what I need to become a serious beauty blogger? What kind is it?

  15. love the eye makeup and that red bandana!

  16. @ Robyn, noooo! That's such a shame :( Getcha dance awn, girly!

    @ Zoe, thank you! That lippy is SO much brighter IRL - love it!

    @ Jayne, tweeted you :)

    @ Lauren, aw thanks chuck! I think this is the most 'me' I've looked in a very long time.

    @ Jude, haha, thank you, my eyebrow are the essential for me - no makeup look is complete minus 'power brows'!

    @ SocialiteDreams, thanks!

    @ Miia, sounds like you need a break :) hope you enjoy your cruise!

    @ Kat, when I was about 14, I used to literally apply eyeliner and take it off repeatedly for practices haha. Thanks, never been compared to Billie Piper before!

    @ Elisa, haha, most people would probably find that offensive (she usually looked a mess) but I think it's pretty cool - thanks !

    * I'll reply t other comments later, my laptop is being painfully slow right now -_-*

  17. your eyebrows are wonderful! i have total eyebrow envy! S.x x

  18. @ Alisha, thank you!

    @ Plus Size Shopaholic, thanks! Can't wait to rock out on Friday :P \m/

    @ Scotlass99, do it! Never fails :)

    @ Demonicsmurfette, ahaha, luckily I'm too tiny to mosh out...I just get beasted out of the way by huge guys and scary women :(

    @ CottonCandyINK, thanks! been a Misfits fan since I was about 11!

    @ D. Sadie, aw, thank you <3

    @ Lily, no, you don't need a fancy camera to be a blogger. Just get a compact camera with about 7mp and you'll be fine! Mine is a Canon eos 450d, it would set you back about £350...Don't get a DSLR unless you're REALLY into photography!

    @ Moonchild, thanks!

    @ Ana, thanks I feel the need to add to my bandana collection now!

    @ The Raspberry Branch, thank you - I'm mega obsessed with neat eyebrows!


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