Darling Girl Goodies, Mini Reviews and Swatches!

With Halloween only 21 days away, I've been watching indie companies with great fascination. Y'see, now is the time of year they all release their Halloween collections - bizarre shades, smokey hues, limited edition products and glitter by the bucket load - sounds fab, right?! This year, however, only Darling Girl Cosmetics (or is that, 'Darling Ghoul'?) collection really took my fancy...

I ordered four items from the Halloween collection, managing to restrain myself with that annoying little, 'You do NOT need more eyeshadows!' voice inside my head. I also ordered two colour correcting concealer samples out of curiosity as I've been eyeing them up for ages! The 'Gift with Purchase' for spending over $10 was also included, along with two eyeshadow samples.

[[ GWP Monarch, Smoking Gun, Ghost Light, ON-X, Apparition ]]

LOOK AT 'APPARITION' AND 'ON-X'. They're just so gorgeous! Don't let the swatches fool you into thinking I'm just being giddy, these colours are both more complex than I could capture. Well...perhaps not complex, just...sparklier! But we like sparkles. Yes? Yes we do. ON-X is a smokey black base shot through with multi-coloured shimmer and glitz, 'Apparition' is a bright silver with orange glitter and pink-green sparkle. I'll be pairing them up for bonfire night :D

[[ Poison Plum, Vampire's Kiss, Lemon colour corrector, Salmon colour corrector ]]

The colour correctors haven't been a big success for me so far - they're far too oily for under my eyes. They're very sheer, so blending them out fully gives more of a tinted pearl effect than a correcting colour wash, so any benefit of using them goes straight out of the window! I'll probably be using up these samples as subtle cheek highlights. 'Vampire's Kiss' holo-gloss really appealed to my dark side - sheer black gloss loaded with fine pink and purple glitter. In some lights, the tube shows a green-gold sheen, which isn't evident on the lips - but it's still pretty awesome!

Have you been buying any Darling Girl lately? Or from any indie Halloween collections?


  1. I was VERY good and just bought 3 of the lippies. But... I need to go back for more stuff. Oh well, I tried!

  2. wow, i'd totally never heard of this brand until now - i love it! thanks lovely xx

  3. Yay! I got my 'Darling Ghoul' order the other day! So many pretty colors in this collection! I also got Poison Plum and am in love with it!

  4. I love Darling Girl so much! I have been using her shadows non-stop since I got the Halloween collection. Apparition quickly became one of my favorites, which I was surprised about, actually! But I *need* ON-X. I'll be placing another order quite soon...

  5. I'm kicking myself for not getting a full size of Apparition!

  6. Her stuff looks AMAZING. Never heard of it until now and I already have a bunch of stuff I want to order. Thanks for this post.

  7. WOAH! How pigmented?! WANT! XX

  8. @ Robyn, haha, I did the exact same thing. Due another parcels sometime soon :S

    @ Zoe, so much pretty stuff! You'll love it :)

    @ The Peach, Poison Plum looks quite brown on me :( It will probably end up in my mum's stash!

    @ Mandy, I was surprised I like 'Apparition' so much, too! I'm usually way more into gold/ warm colours. ON-X is amaaaazing!

    @ Peace Love and Sparkles, next order, riiight?!

    @ artsavesyou, the e/s are my faves of any indie brand atm - definitely order when you can!

    @ Grace, ahaha, exactly! Gotta love it!


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