Chicken and Vegetable Pie

Yeah, yeah. Food stuff two days in a run, but guess what? I'm baking more than beautifying lately, so you're gonna have to put up with these drool inducing posts! Today, I bring you chicken and vegetable pie...

I wanted to make something fairly cheap which would last me for quite a few meals. Chicken is mega expensive in the UK (£7 for 2 farty, little chicken breasts?! WHAAAT) but I managed to find some chicken breast strips in Asda for £2.50. The puff pastry sheets cost around £2 and I snaffled the veg off my parents (muahahaha).

So, for around £4 (£6 if I'd bought the veg, too) I managed to make two delicious chicken and veg pies! I'll get at least 8 meals out of these, that works out at 75p a serving (or 50p considering veg theft). Beats ready meals any day!

I loosely used this recipe, but did measurements by eye since I have no scales. It's SO simple, fast, tasty, filling and looks way fancier than it actually is - all pluses in my book!

What's your favourite savory pie? Any recipes? Link me up!


  1. I am completely loving your food posts! This looks yummy! Have you ever tried macaroni pie? It's basically baked mac and cheese but you can add whatever you wish to it and it's delish!

  2. This looks yummy!Totally agree about prices of chicken though, the way I go round it now is to buy 4 Whole chickens (in Tescos, 4 for £12 deal) so they work out to 3 quid each. Then I cook them and spread the meat over lots of meals!

  3. That looks so yummy - fancy making me one? aha.
    I love a good pie...not too fussed about the filling unless its something disgusting like liver. xo

  4. Looks gorgeous! and you can get chicken breasts in tescos for £2! Its what i use when i make chicken curry xx

  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah you made me starving
    even though i just had dinner :+

  6. This looks scrummy! I love making Pies! I tried a cider and chicken pie the other day...

    Its scrummy!!!

  7. Oh wow. I will be heading over to the UK in the days and I am still trying to figure out how to make a cheap meal. Thanks for the tips!


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