Uni Times and Life in General!

Hola amigos, swinging by to let you know I'm still around (just about!) I wasn't expecting uni to be so hectic so quickly, I'm not complaining though - I love to be busy, especially after doing nothing since leaving college in June!

 [[ Mega rough concept sketches...]]

So, if you've been wondering why I haven't been around much lately, it's basically because I've been learning CGI software, throwing spare time into reading up on SFX techniques/ industry legends/ modelling programmes, chatting to tutors and graduates, brushing up (quite literally) on painting and drawing skills, researching, running between cities...

Really, I guess this is my rambley way of saying  I've no idea when everything will simmer down and I'll be back beauty blogging consistently. In the mean time, if you've any interest in SFX, I've started another blog as a work journal/ inspiration space - Little Apparition, if you're curious!


  1. I loooove SFX, so I'm glad you posted about your inspiration space!

  2. Whey! Hopefully it'll be a little more full soon!


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