TUTORIAL - Aztec Bling Nails

Stargazer are running a contest at the minute, challenging bloggers to come up with funky nail designs using solely Stargazer products. Now, seeing as the name of this contest is 'The Shake and Bling Challenge', of course I was up for having a crack at it! I love glittery nails and frequently use Stargazer glitter shakers to pep up boring colours.

This is what I chose to create...

1. Apply your base colour. I chose Stargazer 506, which is a blue toned mint green. It's such a fresh colour and reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream - yum!

 2. Use the Stargazer black nail art pen to draw on some zig zags, lines, crosses, dashes, dots...Convince your mother, sister, boyfriend, anyone to do the pattern for you on your dominant hand or risk making a mess!

3. Apply a clear top coat, dab some glitter (Stargazer gold glitter shaker) near your cuticle and blow it across the wet polish to make it scatter. Apply another top coat to seal the glitter in place.

4. Enjoy your blingtastic aztec nails!

This was surprisingly quick to do (maybe that shows in my wibbly wobbly patterns haha) and I really love the colours together. Stargazer's gold glitter is so bright and clean, which might sound odd to say but if like myself, you're a fan of loose glitter you'll know how often gold glitters can look flat and dull. Not this one! Can't wait to wear it over glossy black polish :)

Check out Stargazer's Facebook page to join in 'The Shake and Bling Challenge'!

All products sent for PR purposes.


  1. that looks amazing! i think i might try it later :D x

  2. Cute! I love the base coat colour :)

  3. Good luck with the contest, I love how this looks!:)

  4. This looks fab! I like the pattern... I think it would look brilliant in pastel colours next Easter (ok, quite a while off, but I'm going to keep it in mind!) xx

  5. Loving the design, the things you do with glitter are amazing.


  6. wow nice idea! it looks really nice with the glitter

  7. loveeeee them. the gold n green look fab together x

  8. Very nice idea, looks great with the glitter!

  9. So awesome!!!! Looks great I need to try this.

  10. So pretty!! love this great idea
    xo Jenn


  11. I've seen quite a few glitter nails, but none that incorporate an Aztec-inspired design. Love it!

  12. This is so creative! I love the combo of the really geometric stripes and glitter! <3

  13. You always amaze me with your tutorials! they're always so creative :D


  14. I love that, ill have to try something similar!!


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