OOTD - Leather Look and Sheer Shirts

Something I wore yesterday to go exploring! I've spent all week being super busy with uni (even though it hasn't *officially* started yet) so myself and my flatmate decided to go and look for 'some green' and explore the town. Bolton is mostly shades of grey and rust so far. And the chippies close at 5pm on a Friday - what's the deal with that?!

Hat - New Look
Necklace - Antique
Top - Primark
Sheer Blouse - Peacocks
Leggings - H&M
Boots - Peacocks

Right now I'm listening to the drip of semi-wet clothes hanging from my curtain rail, since I went a bit Cinderella and had to wash my clothes in the kitchen sink ahaha. There are 3 washing machines between 700 people in these halls and no laundrettes -_- Ah well! Time for some much needed Rekorderlig and a City and Colour fest :)

How would you wear these leggings? I felt like Ricky Martin going to fancy dress as a pirate!


  1. Those leggings look stunning on you! I have a pair of 'wet look leggings' but yours look so much nicer and more leathery. I like the top you have paired them with aswell, makes them look more casual but still pretty glam!


  2. Ricky Martin going to fancy dress as a pirate = lol. that made me lol, literally. not a chance i would wear this but they really suit you xx

  3. Lol, 'go look for some green'? Does this mean the park, or what students would find in the weirdo downstairs' flat? :p Those leggings look awesome btw :)

  4. Those leggings are ace! Don't think I can get away with those though :/ Is the shirt from this season? it's lovely!

    Oooh, you're in Bolton? you must try Sizzling Palate on Bradshawgate, they do the most amazing sizzlers, EVAR. xo

  5. My wet look leggings died a long overdue death a while ago, I need more. And I wore them with everything, ha ha!

    Shame about the chippies. What's the point in living oop north if there's no chippies?!

  6. I loveeee your outfit! I wish I could pull off those leggings, they look amazing <3

  7. @ Joselin, thanks, I really wasn't sure about the leggings at first but now I'm glad I bought them!

    @ Liloo, haha, this is actually what I planned to wear to a freshers pirate party fancy dress! Plus eye patch and lots of bling, naturally :P

    @ Liza, haha, actually on the first night I was chatting to some guy who had a bright green mouth from whatever he'd been drinking. It was a bit disturbing...We found a park, that was green enough.

    @ Halima, the shirt was from a while ago unfortunately...There are still loads of places which sell similar though! Oooh, I'll have to keep a look out for it, ta :)

    @ Robyn, haha oh dear! these are a bit more...substancey than leggings, they should hopefully last longer! I know, 5pm! Shocked and appauled!

    @ Summer, thanks! I bet you could pull them off, my legs are well chunny up the top ahaha :)



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