Kleenex Skin Care Range

Of all household names, Kleenex is probably the one which has helped us all though the most messes! Tissue sloshed in Albas Oil as a toddler, cleaning up playground scrapes, making colds a little more bearable, quickly mopping up spills and now going back to their roots to help us clean off our make-up. Kleenex were originally used in the 1920s as wipes for women to hygienically and comfortably remove their make-up and cleansing creams - now I bet you didn't know that, did you?!

[[ Kleenex Skin Care Range ]]

The range consists of four new products including Facial Cleansing Wipes, Eye Makeup Removal Wipes, Facial Cloths and Shine Absorbing Sheets. All four come in bright, clean, practical packaging with the mask theme throughout. I really like the masquerade masks, I guess Kleenex were going with the 'Remove your daily mask.' idea!

[[ Kleenex Eye Make-up Removal Wipes and Facial Cleansing Wipes ]]

These two products have seriously been saving me for the last week! Having just moved to uni, most nights have been rather late and...um...messy. By time I'm back in my flat, I just want to clean off my make-up the easiest way possible and get straight to bed! The Facial Cleansing Wipes (£2.99 for 24 wipes) are just a tad smaller than typical baby wipes, but much more moist and more thorough in the removal of make-up. One wipe cleans the entire face quickly and effectively. The Eye Make-up Removal wipes (£2.99 for 24 wipes) are much smaller, but large enough to clean up both eyes and strong enough to remove super stubborn mascara.

[[ Kleenex Facial Cloths and Shine Absorbing Sheets ]]

The Facial Cloths (£1.99 for 30 cloths) are rather bizarre - in a good way! They lie somewhere between tissue and cotton wool, with a multitude of uses ranging from applying creams to removing nail polish. Great for removing make-up without the annoying faff of pulling bits of cotton wool off your face for the next ten minutes! Having never used oil blotting sheets, the Kleenex 'Shine Absorbing Sheets' (£2.99 for 50 sheets) were somewhat of a revolution to me! Simply press the sheets to your skin to remove the oil, without removing any make-up. How awesome is that? These would be perfect for nights out, brides, photoshoots...

A well measured and planned expansion by Kleenex, I am sure this range will find its way into bathrooms and handbags across the country!

Available from Superdrug and selected stores from this month, in all leading retailers from January 2012.

Items sent for PR purposes. Opinions honest as always!


  1. Have seen the face wipes in my local Superdrug and I really like the packaging. I like the idea of the eye make remover wipes so I'll def give those a try

    I recently discovered blotting sheets too, they're great after my 4 mile walk to work!!

  2. I actually think those facial cloths are such a good idea - I always end up with bits of cotton wool and tissue and loo roll that I've used for wiping foundation off my eyebrows or tidying up my eyeliner of blotting lipstick... these are a classy little solution! Thanks for the review and hope ur having an AWESOME time at uni. xx

  3. Thanks for this looks really exciting actually very intrigued with the facial cloths! I wonder whether these will be coming to Malta.

  4. never know that they would have a skin care range .. thanks for sharing

  5. Wow I'd definitely pick up the facial clothes and the wipes to keep in my bag :D


  6. These look awesome. Definately want to get the oil absorbing sheets. Go Kleenex!

  7. I would love to try these. I haven't seen them in my local store :( The makeup remover wipes sound like something that I need to pick up :) Going to keep a look out for them :) Thanks :)

  8. oh i love Kleenex, i never buy any other branded tissues. It is great that they have expanded the range, i will definately have a look out for these in the shops :)



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