A couple of days back, I found a kaleidoscope I had as a child whilst I was sorting out. I couldn't help but start playing with it - kaleidoscopes always seem magical, no matter how old you are! I snapped a few shots through it and love the resulting images. I think they look like walking through a church on an acid trip. Beautiful and strange.

Did you have a kaleidoscope as a kid? What was your most magical toy?


  1. I did have a kaleidoscope!

    My most beloved toys were my My Little Ponies... I had tons of the things. I wish I had them still, to customize!

  2. OH MY!!!! I want to try this too....amazing idea!

  3. Amazing! I had a kaleidoscope as a kid. I loved Polly Pocket as a kid but my fave toy was a Beauty and the Beast mirror that used to talk - it was completely pointless and not even a particularly good toy in terms of actually having anything to do but I loved it!

    Steph x

  4. Walking through a church on an acid trip.....that's something I'll have to put on my list of things to do before I die, lol!

  5. Wow, they are gorgeous pictures! I remember having 2 of them, 1 had sequins in it, really cool! xx


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