FOTD - Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless Promo Look

Illamasqua ALWAYS have amazing promo images when they launch their new collections. The make-up is flawless, the stories behind them spot on and the models aren't always your typical conventional beauties. The promo pics for their latest collection, The Theatre of the Nameless is no exception! I fancied attempting my favourite look, which you can see on the collection's page as the main image.


EYES - TFSI, Darling Girl Glitter Glue, Stargazer red glitter shaker, Yaby 'Abyss', MUFE 92, Ben Nye red colour pan, Fyrinnae 'Centre Stage' highlighter, MAC 'Reflects Blackened Red' glitter, misc falsies from Savers, Urban Decay 'Lucky' pencil eyeliner, mascara, Sleek black, Illamasqua sealing gel.

FACE - Mix of foundations and highlight fluid, MUFE 92, Ben Nye natural pink blush, Ben Nye 'Fuchsia' blush, Fyrinnae 'Centre Stage' highlighter.

LIPS - Mix of Sleek Pout Paints in hot pink, blue and white.

I gave my version more of a winged shape than Illamasqua's because...well, because I like winged shapes! I really love all the glitter, Disney villain eyebrows and gradient lips. My sister thinks I look terrifying, "Stay in your there or I'll hit you with a broom!" *slams door* At least I'm enjoying it, though haha :)

The nails are Barry M 'Racing Green', the necklace is from River Island if anyone was curious!

What are your favourite picks from Illamasqua's 'Theatre of the Nameless' collection? I'm lusting after 'Kontrol' lipstick and 'Facade' gloss!


  1. This is such an awesome look! Absolutely amazing!! xxx

  2. You've got to be bloody kidding me, woman. This is AMAZING.

  3. Everything about this is amazing, You've done this look so well!


  4. I love this look so much, you have created it beautifully.
    I love Illamasqua and how they always bust out with some amazing looks and new ideas, gorgeous.


  5. Woah! It turned out amazing! Well done!!

  6. Amazing! I love the Illamasqua promos, they are so unique!

    Also, your hair looks gorgeous in these pics.

    Steph xx

  7. That's AMAZING. I love your eyebrows! You are a true artist! :)

  8. I love the promotional pictures from Illamasqua, as well. They are beyond incredible. I wish their products were more readily available to me here in the states as the promotional pictures do a fantastic job of making me REALLY WANT their products.

  9. Awesome... off to clean up the not so ladylike dribble that fell on the floor

  10. OH MY GEE! You are so talented! IMO even hotter than the model. Good job!

  11. Just fabulous darling! You ooze talent.

  12. *gasps* this is amazing. When I saw the Illasmasqua promo picture via email the other day I too was not let down by the talent they ooze and you've hit it on the head love it

  13. Lily this is insane. How about you just marry me now and be done with it?

  14. mmmmMMMMM. LOOOOOOVE that last photo!

  15. The promo pictures were gorgeous but this is amazing! As in literally, Oxford dictionary definition amazing xxx

  16. Love it Lily!!! These kind of looks are my favourite to create xxx

  17. You have done SUCH an amazing job! Dare I say it I love your images more than the actual promo ones. There, I said it.

    And Kontrol and Violate are just crazy, I tried them both on at their launch and my first thought was "I can't carry this off", second thought was "Lily can"! So yes, do get it :)


  18. WOW that is actually so cool! i love how you did the lips too! well done :D x

  19. Lily I LOVE it, you look amazing even as a villain haha! x

  20. Awesome job, I love your take on this look! The last picture is HOT!

  21. WTF you are so talented it hurts O__O

  22. WOW!! Fabulous, fabulous job! I saved a bunch of pictures from their promo images, but I haven't had the courage to try any experiment yet... you did more than great!!!

  23. Holy Crap this is stunning!! I got Kontrol (loves it!) Oh and Berber, Taint and Resist. But there is a few others I'm eying off too but haven't decided yet like the two cream pigments.

  24. This is amazingggggggggggggggggg.

  25. You look STUNNING! you nailed it girl! <3

  26. @ Wendy, thank lady!

    @ Tamsin, thanks! I sorta want to wear it all the time haha

    @ Robyn, thanks chuck! I bet you could do it better!

    @ Joselin, aw, thank you!

    @ Lori, Illamasqua are so different to other brands. You can always tell an Illamasqua look from other brands - Alex Box has such a signature style.

    @ Sepia_Raven, aha thanks!

    @ Saz, thank you!

    @ Steph, thanks! Love Illamasqua's looks and style. I think my hair is in the best condition it's been in for years atm!

    @ Elizabeth, thanks! I quite liked the villain brows myself too haha

    @ Mandy, the promo pics are the best of any makeup brand imo. Illamasqua have their own unique identity. I think they ship outside of the UK from their main site?

    @ Lorraine, aha thanks!

    @ Powdered Almond, thanks! Haha, it would be amazing to be an actual Illamasqua model.

    @ Madame Gourmand, aw, that's so lovely for you to have said!

    @ Princesselfy, thank you!

    @ LaaLaa Monroe, I abolutely LOVE when I get an Illamasqua newsletter with new pics! Thank you so much!

    @ Leanne, lets set a date, yeah?

    @ Widdlesh, hehe thanks! GETCHA FIERCE AWN.

    @ Sylvie, aw, thank you!

    @ Natalie, they're definitely the most fun to create!

    @ Lilit, thank you! Haha 'Kontrol' does look like...'PHWOAR AMAZING' I need it in my life.

    @ Aisling, the lips were fun to do! Might do pink ones like it just at random for a night out or something!

    @ Adrienne, aha thank you! I always this villains look better than the heroes!

    @ vulcan_butterfly, haha thanks!

    @ Jerry, aha thank you!

    @ Alhrayth, I saved all the pics too :S Definitely try to, it's fun!

    @ Madame B Fatale, I think the cream pigment 'Androgen' looks nice for a blush colour...

    @ Bicky, thanks m'dear!

    @ Sara, thank yoooou!

  27. Long after the party this is me commenting. I couldn't wait for one of my favourite bloggers to take on Illamasqua. blown away I am. I love it! I might prefer it to the original look. Could it be because I prefer this colour for the lips? xx

  28. Ta, Liloo! I'm still hoping Jangsara copies one of then looks because she is my faaave for look! I think my lips are less grey than Illamasqua's :)


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