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Rhiannon from Beauty She Writes share with us her uses and tips for cult product, Sudocrem and why to her it's a real 'wonder cream'!

1. Tell us a little about yourself...

My name's Rhiannon, I'm a 19year old student studying for a degree in Radiography, with a complete inability to keep money in my pocket for longer than a few hours!

2. What can we expect to see from your blog?

Mainly product reviews of things that I'm generally loving, but sometimes hating, as well as a few hauls and other bits and pieces too.

3. Top three blogs/ sites?

Aside from BeautysBadHabit! - Perhaps a little bit sad but I seem to be forever on this website, just nosing around at new potential buys and looking at the offers - I just love reading everything Fee writes.  It's all so gorgeously laid out and has beautiful pictures too. - Holly's blog is a fairly new one, she's only been writing for a few months, but has done soso well for herself! Her posts are always honest and so easy to read.  She seems to be a genuinely lovely girl.

Sudocrem the Wonder Cream
Sudocrem...the nappy rash cream that's currently taking the beautyblogging world by a little bit of a storm! I have, or rather my family have, a large tub of Sudocream in the bathroom, and always have done for as long as I can remember, despite the fact that my little brother stopped wearing nappies about 12 or 13 years ago!  Now that could be an oldish tub, however I'm pretty sure it quite clearly states 'Antiseptic Healing Cream', and then lists Nappy Rash, Bedsores, and Eczema. Whereas this mini tube version states that it is a 'Skin Care Cream.  I find it to be most effective when you use a small amount and rub it in so the skin is covered by a thin layer.

As Sudocrem is originally a barrier cream, when applied it provides a protective layer over the skin that helps to keep the nasties out!  Along with a number of other ingredients, Sudocrem contains an emollient called Lanolin, which helps to moisturise the skin, as well as Benzyl alcohol, which helps to relieve a little bit of pain and disinfect the area.

So whilst Sudocrem is still brilliant when used for it's original purpose, as a nappy rash cream, I thought I'd share with you some other ways that it gets used up in my family!

  1. Spots - this is probably the main reason we use it.  At the moment there are 3 teenagers in my house, myself and my two brothers, so spots are something of an unwanted family member for us! Sudocrem is brilliant at drying out spots, minimising any angry redness and generally just helping to get rid of them quickly!
  2. Super dry skin - after a nasty cold, I am massively prone to getting a horrible Rudolph nose, surrounded by very sore and dry skin.  I apply Sudocrem at night all around my nose to really intensely moisturise the skin so I don't have to go out with it all flaky and peeling (slightly gross I know, but come on, we've all been there!).  Just make sure you check thoroughly in the morning for any white residue that's left, and wash that off pretty sharpish.
  3. Little cuts, grazes and scrapes -if there's not a plaster to hand, a smear of Sudocrem usually does the trick for a little while.  Even sometimes underneath the plaster, we'll put a little bit of Sudocrem.
  4. Burns - sunburn or minor burns you get from around the house, Sudocrem soothes and moisturises the area.
  5. Stretch marks - this is one that I've heard about but can't say that I've tried.  I think it's meant to help prevent them, and minimise or fade any ones that you have. Sudocrem contains Zinc, which is I looked up and it turns out to be quite important in the production of collagen.
So there you go! Sudocrem is not just a nappy rash cream, but an all over wonder cream!

If you'd like to know Rhiannon's other tips and tricks, don't forget to check out her blog - Beauty She Writes!


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