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Ever found yourself obsessed with a certain product from a certain brand? Nora from NoraDaisy certainly has with her Model's Own nail polish collection!

My name is Lisa but I’m known by everyone as Nora. It’s a childhood nickname that’s stuck and I must admit I like it! I’m 27 and have a career that couldn’t be any further to do with beauty and fashion. Trust me you don’t want to hear about it it’s incredibly boring.

My first blog post was posted on the 15th July. I’d been thinking about starting a blog for a while, but had never got round to do it for fear of failure. Now I’ve started there’s no stopping me! On my blog you can expect to see mostly beauty reviews and bargain hauls. I have an eye for finding a bargain and love to share these bargains.

Before I started blogging my favourite blogs would have been very different to the ones I love now and I must admit they change on a week to week basis. At the moment in no particular order they are:


These blogs are all very different but I find that I consistently enjoy reading them.

My Latest Obsession.

Now I’m sure we all have product obsessions for all different brands and products but I thought I’d share my obsession for models own nail polish with you!

 I currently have 20 nail polishes, now to some people that might not be a lot but to me it seems obsessive as I don’t actually wear nail polish all that much.

My obsession started back in November whilst Christmas shopping in a large Boots store. I was immediately attracted to the chunky bottles, the bright white lids and the vast variety of colours and so the purchasing began…..

Here’s a rundown of the colours I have (in no particular order)..

Left to right we have:
Lilac dream,
Gold Rush,
Misty Grey,
Snow white.
My favourite of these five has to be Utopia.

Left to right we have:
Scarlet sparkle,
Mystic mauve,
Nude Beige,
Lili’s pink,
Matt Black.
My favourite of these five has to be Nude beige.

Left to right we have:
Golden peach,
Jade stone,
Feeling blue,
Beth’s blue,
Top Turquoise.
My favourite of these five has to be Beth‘s blue.

Last but not least:

Left to right we have:
Bronze rage,
Cherry pie,
Smash up pink (with Beth’s blue underneath)
Smash up silver (with Beth’s blue underneath)
Smash up purple (with Beth’s blue underneath)

Here’s a close up of the crackles

So  am I obsessed?
I’d love to hear some of your product obsessions!
Nora xx

If you'd like to see what other products Nora loves, check out her blog - NoraDaisy!


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