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This Wednesday Natalie from over at Beauty Nailed shares her thoughts on Famous by Sue Moxley lipstick in 'Gossip'.

A bit about me:
I have been reading blogs for about a year and I really enjoy it, the reason I started reading them was because ever since I first heard of blogging I knew I wanted to do it myself but I didn't have the confidence or the time to dedicate to it.  I really enjoy writing and have experimented with articles, short stories and poems in the past and this seemed to be a perfect way of combining my 2 passions. A house move, meaning I was away from my friends and social circle and an operation, meaning I was housebound for a few weeks gave me the push I needed to start.

What you can expect from my blog:
It's still very early days for my blog and I am still experimenting with regular features and ways of posting.  One of the things I am really keen to do is reviews of products (makeup and face care) as this is one of the reasons I started reading blogs in the first place.  I want to give honest appraisals of the products I'm buying.  I also want to share and invite debate on topical (beauty) news items by posting links to them on my blog.  I'm not going to be doing tutorials, I'm not good enough for that but I will do before/after features.

Top 3:
Pixiwoo ( this is the first blog I ever read, I saw an article about it in a magazine and gave it a look.  They give the best tutorials

Scrangie ( The ultimate nail blog!

E.L.F cosmetics ( I want one of everything

Famous by Sue Moxley Lipstick review

I had been eyeing up the Famous range in Superdrug for quite some time but was reluctant to try it as none of my friends had used it and I couldn't find any reviews on other blogs.  It's in very pretty packaging and some of the items look very much like products from other famous brands, for example the shimmer block is a very close match to Bobbi Brown's shimmer brick.  The prices were average for a high street brand, around £6 for a lipstick and  £7 for the shimmer block.

And then I went into Superdrug last week and saw that everything on the Famous stand was half price!  I 
took this as a sign and bought a couple of items, one of which was a lovely lipstick in shade 6 - 'gossip'

The packaging is very sleek and has the 'Famous' branding down the side and there is a little fabric loop on the end that you use to pull the lipstick from he casing.  It looks very expensive

The shade itself is a very pretty pink, I would call it a dusky rose type shade, perfectly suitable for day or evening wear, although my picture with the flash on makes it look a lot brighter then it actually is.

With flash.

Without flash.

I love the consistency of this lipstick, it is very creamy and moisturising and the colour last well, although it does make a massive mess on any cups you use.  It has only been recently that I have started using lipstick again, I don't think there has been a single one in my collection since Rimmel's 'heather shimmer' in 1994 but in the last week I have bought 3 (2 MUA, 1 Famous).  I will be going back to Superdrug while Famous is still 
half price and buying some more!

If you'd like to see more of Natalie's reviews and swatches, head over to her blog, Beauty Nailed!


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