BLOGS IN BLOOM - Lizzum's Famous by Sue Moxley 'Scarlet Sparkle' Nails

This week, Lizzums from BeneBelle shows off a gorgeous nail polish, Famous by Sue Moxley 'Scarlet Sparkle'.

1. Tell us a little about yourself...
Well, I dunno where to start! Haha. My name is Liz and I'm from Birmingham, UK. But I currently live in Stafford. I've always been the "arty-farty" type. I got hit with chronic bad health and threw myself in to art, mainly illustration and photography. Then I found myself in the make up world and loved it. I got more and more involved and eventually began my blog with a little push from my twitter lovelies.

2. What can we expect to see from your blog?
Honesty. I blog because I enjoy it. Most of the products I get are on the cheaper end, high street products. I write what I think, otherwise what is the point? It sort of defeats the object of me having my blog. I've also begun to feature a blogger each month and plan to hold giveaways once I have more of an active readership/my blog is a little older.

3. Top three blogs/ sites?
Le petit jardin de Liloo -
Kat's Beauty Reviews -
Make-up Savvy -

Famous by Sue Moxley - Scarlet Sparkle

I was in my local Superdrug, and I caught a glint of a certain polish. Which was actually a blue polish! I went a little closer to the stand, had a mooch and found this gem in the New items. I decided that I must have it. Such a gorgeous colour!

When I got back, I couldn't wait to try it out. However I was also unsure. £4.50 for a polish, a red polish. I'm sure you all know about how dangerous playing with a red polish can be. After my last bad incident with a red polish, I was a bit frightened of my nails getting ruined again. Stuff it, I tried it anyway.

Lets just say, it didn't disappoint. I'm not being sarcastic here. It really didn't. It applied so smoothly. The colour a little more plum looking than in the bottle at first coat. After the second coat, it started to look a lot more like the colour in the bottle.

I wore this polish for several days before it got any significant chips. So pretty hard-wearing. The bottle doesn't say it's chip-resistant or anything so this was a rather nice surprise! Of course, it had to be taken off eventually, the bit I was waiting for (and dreading!) but again, plesantly surprised! This did not stain my nails, at all. Not in the slightest. Came off with no trouble.

Such a pretty polish with the right amount of sparkle. It's one of my new favourites for sure. I would definatley reccomend it.

Available in Superdrug for £4.50

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  1. It's a really nice colour ! What is the quality like though? Never tried SM stuff.

  2. That's so pretty! I need this. :) x

  3. This looks gorgeous. I've never tried anything from this range, maybe next time they have an offer on I'll pick it up.


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