Yaby Eyeshadow Swatches and Overview

I'm busting out my Yaby eyeshadow collection for you today, by request of Liloo (@tsunimee). If you've ever thought about buying Yaby, you'll know that the colour swatches aren't that reliable, there are no 'skin swatches' to be found on sellers websites, no colour descriptions...it's all pretty hit and miss. 

[[ Dragonfruit pp056, es631, es563, es580, So Vein es296, es473 ]]

Dragonfruit pp056 is one of the 'pearl paint' textures - which are pretty awful. Apply them dry and you get glittery chunks, fallout and uneven colour. Apply them wet and you get streaky, gloopy uneven colour - you can't win either way! Es631, a Barney the dinosaur pinky purple, is matte, chalky and poorly pigmented therefore you need to pack it on with a shovel to get any colour to actually show up - the same can be said for es563. The zingy lime green (es580) and dark navy (es473), are average in pigmentation for a matte eyeshadows and works best over a base of similar colours. So Vein es296 is possibly my favourite ever bright eyeshadow and most certainly the best of the Yaby 'shadows I own - smooth, densely pigmented and an undeniably gorgeous colour.

 [[ Abyss es154, Silver Dust es109, Blank es155, Seashell es192, Lemonade pp029 ]]

Abyss es154 is the most saturated, matte black eyeshadow I've come across yet. It doesn't look it in the photo since I'm naughty and didn't clean off the silver shade properly before swatching, but it's true! You only need to gently tap your brush across the surface for a mega impressive colour pay-off. Silver Dust es109 is a sheer, sparkly silver. Blank es155 (yes, 'Blank', not 'Blanc') is a bright, matte white. Seashell es192 is a subtle, shimmery shell colour (duh) perfect for a subtle but glowing highlight. Lemonade pp029 is another of the less that desirable pearl paints, but the colour is lovely - a yellowy white, similar to MAC 'Nylon' but not an exact dupe.

[[ Cocoa Powder es231, Smoked Maple es330, Bark es048, es172, Glazed Rose es346 ]]

You should see my pan for Cocoa Powder es231 - it's almost empty! It's a great colour for eyebrows if you have dark hair. Bark es048 is a slightly grey toned, cool brown which would also work well for eyebrows, should you have quite pale hair. Smoked Maple es330 is a neutral, light brown which would be perfect for subtle contouring on most pale - medium skintones. Es172 is a pretty run-of-the-mill pinky brown, whereas Glazed Rose es346 is a shimmery brown with a stronger pink tone and coppery highlights. Pigmentation of each of these is poor to average, but since they're so neutral and most likely made as sculpting shades, it barely matters.

All in all, I wouldn't call Yaby the best brand for eyeshadows but if you're looking for basic neutrals they're worth a try. I guess you could just say that they're too inconsistent for me - just look at how highly pigmented 'So Vein' is compared to the other brights! I had to pack on most of these eyeshadows to get them to show up at all, which is disappointing for a brand aimed specifically at make-up artists.

Yaby eyeshadows can be bought from themakeupartistboutique at £1.99 per 15.5mm pan.


  1. I'm pretty happy with the Yaby shadows I have, but I'm glad I've found out the pearl paints aren't up to much cos I was considering ordering a bunch of them in the near future. You saved me some money!

  2. So Vein is lovely- a real standout shade. What a surprise the Barney the Dinosaur shade is the worst. Barney is EVIL!

  3. Thanks for doing this! I've considered buying Yaby but didn't know where to start! Will definitely be picking up a few now! Loving the look of Glazed Rose.

  4. I think the inconsistency would annoy me as well. Thats one thing I like about my 120 palette - there are only a couple of duffers, and while they're not the best I kind of know what I am getting. Some lovely neutral shades there though :D

  5. thanks a million for doing this chickie.!!! Staying well clear on these paints things and in the process of making a selection for future purchase. i am thinking next pay day haha :) xx

  6. @ Jessie, which other shades do you have? I think they're really hit and miss :/ Yeah, definitely skip the pearl paints!

    @ Sarah, they look nice...before you know how much layering I had to do to make them show up well!

    @ Demonicsmurfette, yes, I've yet to see a 'So Vein' dupe! I think the closest was a colour in the Sleek 'Safari' palette.

    @ Paperbacks and Postcards, Glazed Roses is definitely one with a nice texture and decent colour payoff :)

    @ Robyn, I hate inconsistency! Especially in cosmetics... seems like they have a blasé approach to formulating which really turns me off.

    @ Liloo, no problemo! I'm interested to see which shades you choose now!

  7. Thank you so much for this! I was just about to invest in some Yaby but pigmentation is very important to me. What are your favorite eyeshadows for your kit? I'm particularly looking for good mattes.


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