What's in my Bag? The Night Out Edition...

What's in my bag when I'm off for a night on the town? Let's see...

I usually have some sort of old, raggedy bag I've picked up from a charity shop or vintage store for about £5. I'm not part of the girly 'expensive bags and shoes' stereotype at all. If it were acceptable to carry around a plastic bucket on a bit of rope I probably would...maybe not the safest option in terms of theft, though!

First up, the essentials! Money in my awesome sugar skull purse (stained with fake blood, oops) which my sister bought for me from Claires ages ago. I love it and I'm praying the zip never breaks! Passport, with the most horrific ID photo you could ever witness - I look like I've been sleeping in a bush for six months, but it makes me chuckle whenever I see it haha. Keys with my Macadamia Farm keyring from Australia, blood donor keyring and flashy name keyring.

My beloved Soap and Glory 'Glam-a-lot' spray, which I always manage to cram into even the smallest of bags! OHWTO 'Pink Lady' solid scent, for little top ups if I'm waiting at a bar or in line. Clips since by the end of the night I will look like Stig of the dump and need something to tame my unruly mop! Or, if the clips fail, my trusty black hat to completely hide it! My little Indian style mirror is mega cute and handy, I've had it for years and it's served me well...

Last of all, whatever is on my lips. If I'm wearing a lip tar or stain, I squidge a bit into the lip mixing palette, pop my Stargazer lip brush inside and secure it all with a hair band. The lip brush is small enough that it will lie straight across the palm of your hand, and the lid snaps on securely, so you don't have to worry about losing it in your bag - perfect!

Not included - PJs, spare clothes, tooth brush and paste, deodorant and face wipes if I'm staying at a mate's house. I'll usually take a much bigger bag, with a smaller bag inside it, fling the big bag in the cloak room and take the smaller into the club with me. So much easier than lugging a big night bag around with you!

What do you take with you on a night out? Much more? Much less?


  1. Love your Indian style mirror, it's interesting to know what you carry around with you!

  2. Wow you can fit a fair bit into your bag! I'm pretty minimal when I'm out of a night x

  3. Your purse is adorably cute. I probably carry more than that for a night out as I dance like a maniac and end up with Marilyn Manson face within a few hours, no matter what products I've used beforehand.

  4. I just take my lippy (I never take an expensive one, in case I get pissed and lose it), a smaller purse with ID and cash (my regular purse is an enormous Moomins one, I either have a horse shoe shaped one or a Betsey Johnson one for nights out) a little mirror, some spare bobby pins, and a perfume sample, which I save for nights out rather than break my favourites.

  5. Great post im so nosey i love stuff like this. I usually take a mini hairspray, lippy and sometimes an eyeliner as i tend to get watery eyes if ive loaded on the eye makeup and sometimes perfume too xx

  6. great post lovely, I also would love to have the "plastic bucket on a bit of rope" but yes sadly not theft proof.

    I always have a toothbrush/small toothpaste, tiny packet of eye makeup removed wipes and socks and flat pumps squished in my bag just incase though as well as my ten tonnes of makeup thats in my bag in general xx

  7. i'm so nosey, i love posts like these to see what people use and carry around with them! i have to take hair clips on a night out too, otherwise i end up looking like a drowned rat :( haha xx

  8. I love the skull wallet, I almost bought it myself and regretted I never did lol
    Usually I just bring some money with me, and my asthma medicine, no makeup what so ever, I'm way too check or reapply :-) Oh and my phone when hubby's not with me..

  9. 10 years after the storm, this is me commenting. love to see what you carry around on a night out. where do i get this lip bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush. none of my new look sell stargazer anymore


  10. I'm awful, I find it impossible to travel light. That and I always feel the need to take a water bottle, big clunky antiperspirant bottle and a regular body spray, so I will never be able to use a tiny clutch or bag XD

  11. I love looking and reading this knd of posts!
    In my night out bag there isn't much: money, tissue, my phone and quite never makeup

  12. i love that little skull purse, so cute!

    a clever idea, that little lip palette and brush!


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