This Sunday's #bbloggers Topic Is....

Is age relevant when it comes to beauty blogging? How young is too young? Is there such this as being 'too old'?

Get thinking all things blogging, online beauty community and age, save your thoughts for the chat tonight at 8pm GMT!

Tonight I wont be able to make the chat, but I trust you'll all be mindful of the others taking part.
Thanks, ladies and gents!


  1. I definitely think you can be too old. It could just be that my blog is unadulterated sh!te but I think my age may be off-putting. I can't post any pix of me looking gorgeous and trendy coz I ain't.

  2. @ Lena, I think all the younger bloggers are loving the idea of it!

    @ jaljen, interesting...I'm not gorgeous or trendy either but nobody seems to care because I have plenty to ramble about makeup wise! I hope you can bring your thoughts to #bbloggers tonight!

  3. Liez. You are, Lily!

    I think that age doesn't matter. You can still take care of yourself and have a beauty regime when you're older!

  4. @ Lizzums, haha I wish!

    I agree with you, having a beauty routine is probably the one habit you carry your entire life (well, as soon as you become aware of your looks).


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