Purple Leopard Nails and Spot the Difference!

A couple days ago, my boyfriend wandered in while I was sat paiting my nails with purple leopard print. My first reaction was to stick my arms out to him, clutching the black eyeliner for the squiggles and say, "DO MY NAILS." Of course, I had the 'No, no I don't do nails! I'm not painting your nails!" response. That is, until he'd watched me finish off one hand and decided he fancied a go after all...

I think he did a really good job! Especially since I couldn't help but laugh at the look of ultimate concentration on his face and he kept having to say, "Stop it! You're shaking and ruining it!"

Base - Barry M 'Berry Icecream' (top pics shows the colour best)
Splodges - Barry M 'Bright Purple'
Black squiggles - Claires liquid eyeliner

So, dear readers - can you spot the difference? To which hand did Boy Bad Habit (he'll cringe at that name) add the squiggles? Is there even a noticeable difference?! Not to my eyes - I'd be super impressed if you could tell!

(P.S) Have you 'trained' your bloke to do any girly things for you? File your nails? Blow dry your hair? Would you trust him to in the first place?!


  1. Okay they both look really good... but I'll guess the Boy did the top one? Bloody good job though! :D

    My boy paints my toenails for me. I can do it myself (I haven't got quite that overweight yet that I Can't reach my toes haha) but I just like to be pampered! Haha

  2. Fake tanning my back is the main one haha!!

  3. Hmmmm...... if I *had* to say.... maybe he did the top one?! I don't know! Good job Mr. Badh Habit :D

  4. Triple B did the top photo! Maybe? I haven't trained Hubby to do much (I'm pretty OCD about things being done a certain way), but he did shave my legs for me when I was preggers!
    Wait... does changing the sheets on the bed once a week count? Because he totally does that!

  5. I am very impressed! My OH has been trained to paint my toenails as I can no longer reach courtesy of being pregnant. I know what you mean about the look of concentration, boys always look so cute when they are concentrating don't they?

    Steph x

  6. Thats quite funny did he do the top photo?
    I always make my bf, st moriz my back for me he hates it lol.

    I love the colours you have used for the nails, you cant go wrong with a good bit of leopard print :)


  7. My OH does my toes for me on occassion, and I usually make him remove the polish on my tes at least so I don't wreck the polish on my fingers :) Well that's my excuse anyway... ;)

  8. Did he do the bottom hand? You have to tell us haha! They both look good anyway :). I wouldn't trust my boyfriend with any beauty related things, but he has been trained to watch my films without mocking them, and I've got him into Gossip Girl haha!x

  9. Hmmmm I would say he did the first one, both look great though!

  10. Mwahahaha he did a great job! I think maybe the top one? It's just a bit different, only slightly. Mine's done my nails a few times, he's quite good with glitter gradients.

  11. boys crack me up, they always balk at our beauty habits but if you get them involved, they love it :P he did a great job! he should be your manicurist from now on

    Vonnie of Socialitedreams.com

  12. I'm well impressed he gave it a go full stop, my hubbie wouldn't paint my toe nails and I'm pregnant...

  13. we need to bring poppa bad habit next :) xx

  14. haha thats so funny :) he actually done a great job I can't tell the difference at all x

  15. I once got my boyfriend to paint my nails. It looked like he did it with his eye closed aha! so this is impressive!


  16. I can't see the difference! Haha, my boyfriend is quite intrigued by the idea of water marbling and keeps telling me to try it on my own nails, but I lack the patience.

  17. I'm guessing he did the second! I convinced my boyfriend to do my right hand once... is was so bad, I never asked him again. :/

  18. @ Leanne, yes he did! Aha, aw, I think any bf who will paint his ladie's toes has been very well trained indeed!

    @ Charli, and he manages not to make it streaky?! I'd be worried about that haha!

    @ Robyn, yup the top it was! I'm surprised everyone is guessing correct. You've all got eagle eyes.

    @ ndrcvrngl, aw that's amazing he'd shave your legs haha! I don't think I'd let him do that, even if I was pregnant. Changing the sheets can counts I guess! I was telling Boy Bad Habit he'd make a good wife since he painted my nails, changed the bedding and made dinner haha :P

    @ steph, that's cute he'd do that :) They do look cute! I couldn't help but laugh!

    @ Lori, yes he did :) Ha, I bet he moans about his hands turning orangey :P

    @ Helly, that's really good thinking! I hate when I do my finger nails, then look down and see my toe nail polish has cracked.

    @ Shanice, he did the top hand :) Aha I bet he wouldn't tell his mates he was into Gossip Girl!

    @ Nicole, yes he did! I think he did a top job!

    @ wendy, yes he did they top! Ooh, maybe I'll train my bf to do glitter gradients...

    @ Vonnie, haha, I told him he could do all my nail art, then set up a business doing nails :P He didn't seem impressed though!

    @ Kara, aaaw, that's so harsh of him!

    @ Liloo, Poppa Bad Habit let my mum stick tea bags on his nails when one split! And sometimes lets her do a manicure complete with clear polish haha.

    @ Adrienne, haha, I'm surprised so many people have guessed correctly!

    @ The Cosmetic Crave, lol at least he tried!

    @ Lauren Baker, get your bf to do all the work then! Marbled nails are beautiful.

    @ Susan, haha, aw, maybe that was his plan :P

    @ Sue, thanks!

  19. Love the nails, whichever one he did, he seems like he did a great job! I make my husband dye my hair for me because I can't see if I've got all of the hair covered in the back, lol!


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