Pink Lipstick Lovin'

When it comes to statement lips, the first colour which springs to everyone's mind is the classic Hollywood starlet red. Recently I've become a bit tired of red lips (even though they're perfect paired with my trusty Jack Daniels top)  and have started reaching for its younger, livelier sister - pink. 

Hot pinks and vibrant fuchsias are a little more 'me' than reds! They're fun, fresh, playful, loud, modern and occasionally a little wild...

[[ The colours I'm wearing follow the order of swatches below. ]]

Lets take a little look at my pink lipstick collection...

[[ Kryolan LC001, Kryolan LC002, 17 'Heart Throb', MAC 'Bombshell' ]]

Kryolan LC001 and LC002 both fall slap bang in the 'Barbie pink' category and look pretty damn crazy on me! LC001 leans a little lavender and darker, but other than that they're pretty much identical. 17 'Heart Throb' is a creamy, blue toned bright bubble gum pink. MAC 'Bombshell' is a frosty pink with golden shimmer throughout - it's fairly sheer, I think it looks best paired with a similarly coloured gloss.

[[ Barry M '52', Barry M '145', Barry M '144', OCC 'Anime' ]]

If you're after a neon, eye catching, BRIGHT AS HECK pink look no further than Barry M '52'. This colour is so bright is practically jumps off your face and attacks the eyes of all who look. Barry M 145 and 144 are so close you really don't need to own both! 145 is a touch deeper, redder and more heavily pigmented. OCC 'Anime' is a bright, hot pink...not as neon as Barry M 52, though it's hard to tell really since they're totally different shades.

When it comes to what to wear with pink lips, I usually keep it mega minimal - just as you would with red. Black, flicked eyeliner and a touch of pink on the cheeks for a bold yet balanced look. Of course, a touch of glitter never goes amiss if you're feeling a little more fun ;)

What's your favourite colour for statement lips? Which pink lippy do you always return to?


  1. Great collection! I think I just added a few to my wishlist :-)
    My favourite for statement lips is either OCC Pageant (a bit more fuchsia than Anime) and MAC Impassioned.

  2. My favourite colour for statement lips is bright pink-red. My favourite lipstick is Rimmel's (discontinued but still available on eBay) Screamer. It's not perfect as a lipstick, application and wear leave a bit to be desired, but I don't care because the colour is perfect. Vivid, beautiful, bright.

  3. I'm totally into coral lips at the moment! My favourite pink is Barry M '52' I love how neon it is! Can't get enough of it!

    Steph x

  4. Wish I was brave enough to go for bold lips. I'm definitely a nudes sort of girl!

  5. These pink lippies are GORGEOUS! My statement lippy is anything red. But for normal day-to-day, I love my corals ;)

  6. Bombshell is still a big favourite here but it doesn't look right one me - everyone else it looks great?! xxxx

  7. I love purpley-fuchsias like Sleek Amped, but I cannot wear most pinks. They make my teeth look yellow and just don't suit me. Sad.

  8. Anime will definitely be my next lip tar purchase!

    My favourite colour for statement lips really depends on my hair colour at the time - red hair = red lips, pink/purple = varying shades of hot pink.

    I own Barry M 52 but very rarely use it.....maybe I'll dig it out this weekend :)

  9. these shades look stunning on you!

  10. I love a really bright blue-based pink... Since my skin is so warm, it really contrasts with my skintone and makes my lips look HUGE! Now I'm off to layer MAC Summer Showers over a bright pink lipliner...

  11. Pink lips always look so exciting on other people. I don't think it suits my skin tone though. Barry M 152 is like a dark pink.That and reddish/browns are my favourite atm.

  12. i love pink lips i wear pink a lot more than red also!

    shel x

  13. I would have to say Inglot's number 452? or 492? dont quote me on that lol but it is an inglot color!lol

  14. I love Bombshell and the entire bottom row :)

  15. I've never been able to find the right shade of red lippy - what a bad beauty blogger I am. Seems like you're quite a connoisseur of pinks though! I'll have to try out some of these. 17 'Heart Throb' looks gorgeous!

    Love J.

  16. @ Jenna, 'tis amazing! Lip tars always bleed on me for some reason though, even if I use the tiniest amount :/

    @ Makeup and Macaroons, Impassioned is so well loved by MAC fans! I think I'll have to check it out at some stage.

    @ Julianne, I think we've all fave lippies which have their issues! My fave pink-red is Barry M's 'Magic' lip paint (the one which is green in the tube).

    @ Steph, ditto! I feel like my lips can be seen from space when I wear 52!

    @ princesselfy, I usually am too, but some occasions just NEED bright lips!

    @ Ling, reds are a classic! Somehow I'm still yet to be into corals. They just never seems to look quite right on me :/

    @ Mel, 'Bombshell' looks odd on me unless I put gloss over it! I think it's the frosty texture - a bit too 80s/ 90s for me.

    @ sepia_raven, oh deary that's a shame :( 'Amped' is pretty, though! I think the purpley pinks are the best anyway!

    @ Jessie, really? When I had red hair I was gutted I couldn't wear red lips! For me matching hair and lips is a bit...*waves hand in front of blank face* y'know? Everything just blends too much. Nothing pops. Barry M 52 is a stunner! Defo dig it out!

    @ Kelly, thanks! I think the Kryolan shades look pretty odd though haha.

    @ Rae, haha, same!

    @ Sarirah, there's a pink to suit everyone's skintone imo :) Keep looking and you'll find one!

    @ Sue, preeeetty lip tars!

    @ Shel, it's just so much more fun and unexpected than red, right?!

    @ Dani, haha, I'll google both :P

    @ SilhouetteScreams, the bottom row's my faves too :) Gotta love bold shades!

  17. Oooh, I love your picture collage! I always buy pink lipsticks because I love pink but they aren't really flattering on me.

  18. Awesome photo collage! Sorry if this comment shows up like, 8 times, I was having some trouble with commenting.

  19. love the third picture. caption: 'listen, stop pissing me off, not now, i am busy, OK? haha x


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