NOTD - Pink and Black Sparkle

My staple mani style now! A glossy, opaque black base with glittery tips and a slight gradient between the two. Such a fun and easy look to achieve with my Barry M 'Black' nail polish and Stargazer glitter shakers. Of course, you could opt for GOSH glitter pots, but at £4 each you're better off buying the Stargazer pots which you can snaffle up off eBay for as little as 99p. Bargain!

The 'bokeh' effect of the light reflecting off the glitter reminds me of cities at night, space and neon lights. I think this picture of my nails (rather crudely) edited together explains why! doesn't it just make you want to dive into a rocket ship and travel to Tokyo? No? Just me?

What's your 'go to' nail polish or technique?


  1. Ooooo I love these, I'm a sucker for anything sparkly xx

  2. I love this look!

    I've recently been putting a glittery polish on top of my normal polish on just my ring finger recently...quite simple but pretty. I still have yet to try out the leopard print look - need to get my mits on some nail art pens first though!


  3. those nails are stunning!

  4. So pretty! Is it any easier/harder to remove when you do this vs. using normal glitter polish?

  5. these nails would look great with the lip colours in my latest post!
    I love glitter nails at the moment :D My go to nail is always OPI lincoln park after dark...I love it

  6. Oh I love these! Great for sprucing up a boring outfit :) x

  7. omg this is sooo gorgeous! I love doing glitter nails

  8. I definitely want to do my nails with a heavier glitter at the tips and let it fade to less toward the cuticle... it looks perfect

  9. love these! going to try these! xx

  10. Ooh....pretty glitter. And fun to photograph, too!

  11. This is gorgeous! Do you just dip the tips of your nails in glitter, or sponge it on? I'd love to see a tutorial :)

  12. @ Faye, same! Such a magpie atm!

    @ Sarah, loose glitter is so versatile for nail art - love it! You can just use liquid eyeliner for leopard spots, btw! Just remember to seal it in with clear polish :)

    @ The Cosmetic Crave, thank you!

    @ Sepia_Raven, it's harder if you just scrub it with nail polish remover and a cotton wool ball. With the foil technique removal is easy peasy.

    @ Aint That Pretty, Lincoln Park after Dark looks sooo gorgeous every time I see it!

    @ Shanice, precisely! Plus, I wear all black so often some colourful glitter is often a necessity!

    @ Sidrah, thanks! Glitter nails are the bomb.

    @ Mandy, it really is. I think it's a fun, but not too childish/ teen way to use glitter.

    @ Irish Enchantment, thanks!

    @ Fiona Cleaver, definitely do! they're so much fun to have.

    @ glitterM, photographing glitter is so much fun!

    @ appletwo, thanks! I used an old brush to dab the glitter at the tips, then just tapped the brush above the nail to scatter a little down the rest of the nail. A tutorial shall be made!

  13. will you come do my nails??? this is amazeballs! i adore it greatly

    Vonnie of

  14. Did you use a loose glitter over top of the black (I assume this is what a Stargazer Glitter Pot is)? This looks awesome, but I think it would be hard to do!


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