My Wardrobe Wishlist

I make no secret of the fact that I'm ridiculously unfashionable. To me, fashion just seems like a bizarre charade - to always be trying to catch up with the fashionistas. It's a race you can't win. You can't even catch up. If you follow fashion you will always be one step behind.

So it's quite biazrre that I actually LIKE quite a few trends, lately. With that in mind, here is what I have been lusting after...

1. Mondo Hi Soled Creepers - £70 - TUK Shoes
2. Black Lace Top Hold-ups - £8 - Topshop
3. Gold Wire Ball Studs - £6.50 - Dorothy Perkins
4. Teal Skinny Belt - £5 - Dorothy Perkins
5. Sleeveless Animal Shirt - £14.50 - New Look
6. North Coast Mens T-shirt - £10 - Peacocks
7. Flashing Lights Boots - £116 - Irregular Choice
8. Black Pleated Chiffon Maxi Skirt - £16.50 - eBay

I rarely buy clothes so you could say that I don't notice which 'trend set' I fall in to, but I'm glad to see that my inner goth kid is clearly still going strong! I LOVE the chiffon skirt, it's rather new romantic and would look awesome with any style of top. The earrings are very me indeed - you know Pat Butcher? She's my earring idol. I kid you not. Now my ears aren't (as) stretched, I'd love to build a collection of slightly garish, chunky studs which would rival hers. Mens tops from Peacocks are a staple for me, I just hack off the arms and neck and hey presto - oversized womens top. They're cheap, decent quality and last ages - perfect! As for the Irregular Choice boots...just look...look at them. LOOK AT THEM. How hot?! Now breathe...

What's on your wardrobe wishlist?


  1. Cute love the leopard top!


  2. Love sheer skirts, I got one in a red leopard print earlier this year. Haven't bought clothes in such a long time though trying not to waste money but some of those pics are tempting me haha! Might go and sew tonight.

  3. Funnily enough I've only just bought that top from peacocks today, except it was for my boyfriend. Though your point of chopping off the arms and neck have made me think twice about whether I should hand it over. :P

  4. I love the dorothy perkins studs! and the boots are fierce. You can totally pull them off!

  5. I tried on the leopard shirt from New Look and it sits really weirdly on me :( was v.upset.


  6. The earrings look gorgeous.

  7. I absolutely love the skirt... i was suprised to see it is off ebay (for some reason!) I love those kind of earrings too! :) xx

  8. BOOOOOTS. *brain falls out of ears* They are amazing.

  9. I have been wanting some creepers for soooo long! I have to have them :(

  10. That skirt is gorgeous and so cheap! I wish I could wear things like that but with my arse I would look like a granny! Gorgeous selection loving the tee too! xxxx

  11. god, i love the redesign of BBH :)
    Mondo Hi Soled Creepers are very pretty: go buy them, you have my blessing for it haha xx

  12. @ Jenn, aye, mega awesome!

    @ Madame B Fatale, sheer red leopard print skirt sounds like fun! I haven;t bought clothes in ages either :/ This post was a bit like torture - want but can't afford!

    @ Lydia, haha, then you have great taste :P Chop the arms off! Go oooon...

    @ Kelly, I REALLY want those boots! Wish I had the money to drop on them haha *dreams*

    @ Kirsti, aw, that's a shame :/

    @ Liz, I think they're amazing!

    @ Bekka, yep, you can get the skirt off ebay for less that £20 or the Topshop equivalent (exactly the same) for £45...eeep!

    @ Robyn, I knooow! DO WANT!

    @ Sue, might have to buy it!

    @ Joselin, they're beautiful aren't they! I have some pink ones, but really want some black ones too. They're really uncomfortable, btw, just to warn you!

    @ Mel, haha, aw I'm sure you could find something similar to suit your booty!

    @ Liloo, haha, whey! Liloo approved blog layout! Send me money to buy them? Haha. I bought some years ago for £35. Price has doubled since the trendy kids love 'em now :(


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