Manchester Riot Clean Up

You can burn buildings, you can smash store fronts, you can loot, shatter glass, ransack restaurants. You can damage or destroy the physical city. What you can't destroy is community spirit.

Today was the proudest I've ever been of the people of Manchester. 

Much love to everyone clearing up, recovering, rebuilding their businesses and lives after the UK riots.


  1. So, so true your statement above. I actually got goosebumps looking at the pic's and reading your statement. I really think that overall people are good but it so much easier to remember the bad.

  2. I'm from Croydon and it's so true - it's amazing how many people are willing to help clean up, though slightly disappointing that they have to be the ones to clean up someone elses mess. It's a disgusting situation but the community spirit that has come out of it is beautiful. Hope your area remains safe for you!

  3. I'm praying for all of you over in the UK! I'm so glad to see some cheer after all of the horrors on the news.

  4. It's a shame that the authorities couldn't make the people they have arrested so far do the clean up in all of these destroyed areas!

  5. It's nice to focus on the good people who are sorting this all out :) Should be the idiots that did it though. Hope they all get community service.

  6. Arghh this made me so angry watching it all on the news for the past few days... So glad everyone is coming together as a community to help restore their homes!

  7. Am feeling the same way about London. These beautiful cities belong to the people who love them not the violent thugs trying to destroy them.

    Everyone involved in a clean up is a real member of the community they live in


  8. Hello! I used to live in Chester and when I could I was always going to London, Liverpool and Manchester to do shopping or just walk. I love that cities and I miss them so much now that I've come back to Madrid. I was petrified when I've seen this on TV! I can't believe it! I hope you'll come back to normal life soon and put them in prison!!!
    Love xxx

  9. I wish I could 'like' this post 80,000 times.

  10. @ Susan, I agree, most people are good. Most people who 'are bad' WANT to be good. I think a lot of the people who took place in these riots are young, confused and feel out of joint with society. Such a shame it had to come to this.

    @ Margerine, I hope you and your family are okay! I think the main good thing to come out of this horrific mess was a reminder to everyone that with bad comes good. Most people love their city and will do anything to help restore it.

    @ Kelly, thank you! It's calmed down now. Just a matter of how the government are going to deal with the situation. The police have been amazing and the courts equally so.

    @ Madame Gourmand, I wish they could do that too! Unfortunately these people have zero respect for anything, not even themselves, let alone the authorities.

    @ eight <3

    @ sepia_raven, the courts have worked through the night sentencing them. I think the times they serve wont be enough (seems to be averaging 3 months) but proves that justice system works quickly at least.

    @ Carina, it made me angry too! So sad to see everyone's cities being smashed apart.

    @ Sarah, same, I feel even worse for London. In comparison, Manchester's riot was nothing. Manchester has patched itself back up within a few days, for London it might take years.

    @ la tia maruja, it's so surreal seeing places you know and love damaged and disrespected so badly! There have been 1500 arrests so far, I do believe that justice will be done.

    @ Silhouette Screams <3

  11. I know, I am super late. I was too drawn in in watching the news to be able to comment at the time. Great photos. You go manchester, go. proud of ya, too :) xx


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