FOTD - In the Pink

Since we had plans to go to a metal gig last night, I figured I'd make an attempt to wear something other than just silvery taupe and eyeliner!

EYES - UDPP, Darling Girl 'Glitter Glue', Darling Girl 'My Little Pony', Shiro Cosmetics 'S.S Anne' (obsessed with this eyeshadow much?!), peachy pinky e/s from MUA 'Heaven and Earth' palette, Eyeko black graffiti eyeliner, mascara, Kryolan white pencil eyeliner.

FACE - Natural Collection 'Shine Away' foundation, No. 7 'Beautifully Matte' foundation, Witch anti-blemish concealer, Kryolan powder, Shu Uemura matte peach blush, Fyrinnae 'Centre Stage' highlighter.

LIPS - Nekked!

Safe to say, bright blue and bold purple remain one of my favourite colour combos :) Seriously need to get some hot oil on my hair, don't I?! Has anyone used olive oil on their hair before? Any tips?


  1. Beautiful!
    May I also add that your skin looks absolutely flawless!

  2. Gorgeous!! I did a little experiment with Olive oil a few months back and my hair was a greaseball for days! The best stuff I have found is the new Dove treatment conditioner, my hair has gone from a knotty mess to being so lightweight and silky! Def recommended!(there's a freebie in this months marie claire) xxx

  3. gorgeous! I love the colors . . . I would have never thought to pair them together!

  4. I love this look, especially the lower lash line! That' green is amazing! Mel xxxx

  5. My Little Pony is such a beautiful color. I love Darling Girl cosmetics!

  6. just stunning. The pop of bright blue of lower lashline completes the whole look. love it

  7. beautiful... aaaand, I'm assuming your hair is just back - but you actually suit the little short asymetric bob look too xx

    Girl in the City Glasgow

  8. absolutely gorgeous! Love the cat liner and how it compliments the whole look! Great combinations!

  9. Awesome! I always love a pop of color on the lower lash line.

  10. A stunning look - love the colours!
    Nic x
    beauty blogger

  11. The shade combo suits you so much!

  12. I recommend using coconut oil instead of olive oil. It is moisturizing, but is far easier to get out. I dye my hair, and olive oil was not only an epic pain to get out, it stripped the crap out of my color.

  13. Love the colour in the lower lashline! x

  14. The turquoise and pink look SO cute together. :D

  15. Loving your eye makeup! Gorgeous xo

  16. @ Dani, thanks m'dear!

    @ Jessie, aw thanks chuck! It's just a combination of foundation and good lighting though haha *camera trickery*

    @ Natalie, I did exactly the same! Though, I did forget I actually had it in my hair and accidentally left it in for 30 minutes :S Thanks, I'll looks into the Dove stuff :D

    @ Kelly, I always think blue and pink look cute together!

    @ Mel, it's one of my favourite ever eyeshadows, such a lovely bold shade.

    @ Mandy, I love DG too! 'My Little Pony' is such a unique colour.

    @ Sarah, gotta love a pop of colour!

    @ Girlinthecity, thanks! Yeah, my hair is just scraped back. I used to have an a-line cut and loved it! Will probably go back to that once my hair's grown out properly :)

    @ Delyteful Speaks, thanks!

    @ Jenna, thank you!

    @ Nic, thanks!

    @ Rocaille, thank you!

    @ KleinesMau, thanks!

    @ Dani, thanks :)

    @ Charlotte, thanks!

    @ Kat, weirdly I keep forgetting about coconut oil even though I love the smell. Thank you for reminding me!

    @ Jonna, it's lovely, one of my faves!

    @ SilhouetteScreams, I always think they look cute together, too :D

    @ Carina, thanks :)


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