EOTD - Beneath the Ocean

My recent love of glitter continues...

Inner Corner - Mad Minerals 'Camisole'
Lid - MAC 'Sky Blue' pigment
Crease - Yaby 'So Vein' with Fyrinnae 'Mermen'
Highlight - Sugarpill 'Lumi'
Liner - Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner
Glitter - Mac 'Reflects Pink' with DG 'Glitter Glue'
Mascara - Maybelline Falsies
Pencil Eyeliner - Barry M

This was actually the first time I've used Darling Girl 'Glitter Glue' as, well, glitter glue. I mixed the glitter with the glue, which was a daft idea since the glitter particles all clumped together -_- In future I'll apply the glue like a liner, then dab the glitter over the top. No full face since I just washed my hair and therefore look like an extra from Saved by the Bell.


  1. ooh, i love this, and i love that collage style picture in the middle!

  2. Wow!! Woow!! I love your makeup! They are excellent!
    Sorry for bad English!

  3. wow your so skilled looks lovely :-)

  4. This is gorgeous! Both the makeup and the photography. So crisp and beautiful!

  5. My word, that is just beautiful! xxx

  6. Ooo I love that glitter over the liner idea!

  7. Wow! This is such a gorgeous look. You are so talented x

  8. very pretty, I love how those colours are so pale but yet look so bold and mix beautifully with the pink... gorgeous

  9. LOVE! The detail of the liner is amazing!

  10. That glitter liner combo is just to die for! And it matches the background/border of your blog LOL. Fabulous look!

  11. That second picture is so neat!!!

  12. omg, the liner with the glitter is AMAZING....so gorgeous :D

    Vonnie of Socialitedreams.com

  13. That is so gorgeous. Seriously, my favorite look that you have ever done. Absolutely stunning.

  14. this is beautiful! :)


  15. so stunning! i love the way you do your eyeliner!

    shel xx

  16. This look is spectacular! I love it.

  17. This looks amazing it reminds me of the little mermaid :D x

  18. Oh man, I *love* the cute little pop of pink on the inner corner, and the contrast of the pink glitter against the blue shadow. :)

  19. @ femputer, thanks! I figured the collage showed off a bit more haha

    @ Mary, thank you! And your English isn't bad at all :)

    @ Nora, thank you!

    @ Marla Sparkle, thanks!

    @ Katherine, thank you!

    @ Amy, thanks!

    @ princesselfy, thanks!

    @ Jenna, so so easy and so much fun! Might try using a few different glitters next time - maximum sparkle :D

    @ Jane, aw, thank you!

    @ Lori, yes, I think the inner corner and lid are two of the softest colours I own! So lovely paired with something bolder, though :)

    @ sepia_raven, thanks, these are some of my faves!

    @ The Peach, it's so easy to achieve! Just pop on your liner add a glitter adhesive over the top and pat on your glitter :)

    @ Charlotte, thank you!

    @ Makeup and Macaroons, haha, as I was doing it I was like, 'I'm sure this seems a really familiar colour combo...'

    @ dslrbbt, thanks!

    @ vonnie, thanks!

    @ Kat, aw, thank you! I love when people say they have favourites haha.

    @ T. Rose, thank you :)

    @ Shel, thanks! My liner seems to be getting thicker and thicker these days.

    @ olgiepolgie, thank you :)

    @ Dollipop Princess, haha, love the little mermaid!

    @ SilhouetteScreams, cute, right? Even if I do say so myself haha.

  20. The matte lid + glittery crease is genius! Love it.

  21. if you had a top 10 of makeup looks, this would be in it. will you a makeup contest one day, where we play to recreate one of your looks? the winner could win a stargazer brush. oh you know i was gonna say that :)
    ariel, the little mermaid saw this and is utterly jealous haha. work of art, masterpiece. wow!!

  22. Oh my god, this is one of the prettiest looks I've seen like... ever! You look like a mermaid! Your blog is amazing, I'm totally following <3



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