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Today Katie from Katevoneff tells us how she achieves her hair colours - from baby pink to hot red!

[[ Post under cut since there are LOADS of pics of super rad hair in this post! ]]

Hi everyone, I am really excited to be able to do this guest post here at Beauty's Bad Habit. I saw her post and thought, this would be such an amazing opportunity! I couldn't say no to the chance, so here I am :)

Tell us a little about yourself...
A little bit about me, my names Katie. I'm 19 year old student who works part time! Currently doing my A Levels after doing a Graphics course after I left school (long story short didn't give me enough tariff points to enable me to do what I wanted, so that's why I am doing my A levels.) Hopefully so I can then go on Uni in Sept 2012 to study Criminology with/or not with Psychology :) I have also been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 years this December, so we're looking forward to that :)

What can we expect to see from your blog?
The kind of things you can expect to see from my blog is stuff like, bargains I find on pay days :) Outfits(day/night), tattoos I want/ am getting. Reviews, hauls pretty much your average beauty/fashion blog with my actual life happenings chucked in for good measure haha :) But of course with me being a student who only works part time everything will be on budget/cheap/offers :)

I thought about the post I could for Lily and thought I'd write about the rigmarole (don't even know if thats a word, but hey ho) I go through when I dye my hair my insanely bright red and pinks. :) So hopefully you will enjoy :)

First of all I always bleach my hair, I always use the same bleach as I've never found a better one yet! My hairs actually quite dark naturally so bleaching tends go a bit orangey coloured with me. But it sometimes makes it a pretty colour too so, sometimes, I end up not wanting to put the second colour on top haha! (I'm weird yes I know)

I always use Jerome Russels Bblonde powder bleach for medium to dark hair and of course mixed with the Jerome Russels Bblonde Peroxide. I have found most times outta 10 my hair goes I lovely bright blonde with hints of orange...(this doesn't bother me, unlike most people I know.)

After a normal bleach incident - sorry about the webcam quality!

After a particularly bad bleach incident...

I then usually use either Stargazer Semi Permanent or I use Crazy Colours or Rusk Scream! 
Stargazer you can find in New Look stores, and pretty easily and cheap on eBay and online! The Crazy Colours and Rusk Scream I tend to just pick up from my local Sally's in Durham.

I tend to like the Rusk Scream and Stargazer better than Crazy Colours, tbh as I find they last that slightly bit longer than just the normal Crazy Colours but maybe that's just me, as everybody's hair is different!

Colours I have tried of the Rusk Scream: 
Rage Red
Orange Blast (I don't think I have a picture of that one,sorry guys!)
Rocket Red
Atomic Magenta!

Rage Red.

Rocket Red.

Atomic Magenta.

Faded Atomic Magenta.

The only stargazer one I can remember trying of recent is a baby pink colour which I really loved my hair that colour, I may actually go back to that colour after I used my Live Colour XXL - Hynotic Red. How my hair is in any decent condition I'll never know. But it's mainly really soft, it goes dry on my 'in-between washes' days but that's about it. 

Baby pink.

Tips on dying hair:
- Give an old top that you don't mind getting dye on, and wear that when you dye your hair then it won't better if you accidentally drop some on it... I use my old slipknot tee as my hair dying top :) 

- When applying it on, pretend its shampoo and lather it in as you would do with shampoo, to ensure you cover every bit, its what I do, and I generally don't miss any bits. :)

- To stop getting dye all over your ears, forehead and neck, lather your face, neck and ears with vaseline you will still get it on your face and that but having the vaseline there makes it really easy to just wipe off! :)

- Although the conditioners are good what you get with hairdye nowadays, I'd recommend you use Aussie's 3 minute miracle! Especially, if you have just bleached your hair too! Thats stuff is a lifesaver and I will definately recommend it!

I've also decided to include an old picture of my when my hair was long, this if from around 2008! 
I don't actually think I've had a hair dye on my hair for while in that picture but that also isn't my natural hair colour, either.

Three of my favourite blogs:

1. < -- love her! She is definately one of my favourites, she is also one of the nicest
ladies ever! :)

2. < -- She's a really lovely girl, and really didn't deserve all the crap she recently recieved! I love her blog, I actually followed her over to blogspot from tumblr so you could say she was my main inspiration! :)

3. < -- I love this blog and along with her youtube vids! :)

If you fancy seeing more of Katie and her funky hair, check out Katevoneff


  1. I wish I was brave enough to dye my hair so many different colors. lol
    I'm graduating this year and I am planning on majoring in criminal justice and psychology too.

  2. Oh Katie is a lovely girl, bless her heart!

  3. @Liz, if you don't dare do it all a bright colour, why don't you try put a little streak or something in your fringe, and then when you get more brave gradually start doing it all :)

    @Gabrielle Awesome :)

    @Holly aww ^.^


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