BLOG SALE! Indie, Kryolan, OCC, Sleek...


Time for another clear out, since it's only...19 days before I move!

- Open to international buyers.
- Paypal preferred.
- Cash is an option for UK folk AT YOUR OWN RISK.
- Leave what you're interested in in the comments/ your country/ your email address and I'll contact you with the price including postage.
- First come first served!

FEEL FREE TO HAGGLE! Honestly, I just want a clear out!

1. Eyeshadow Job Lot - 12 eyeshadows in total. 2 sample sizes. The rest are either 3g jar 'minis' or usual 5g jars. Brands include Aromaleigh, Shiro, Darling Girl, Benefit, no.7 and Heavenly Naturals. £11

2. PENDING. Kryolan 'Matt Classic' Eyeshadow Palette - 8 eyeshadows, totally matte, larger than MAC pans. Highly pigmented and perfect for TV and photographic make-up. 2 pans have smashed and so they are empty. The inner tray has part snapped off but that hasn't affected the palette. A few dents from bumping about in my train-case. £5

3. Eye Set - Evie Glam smokey eye kit (swatched), Collection 2000 purple eyeliner pen, Beauty UK blue and purple jumbo eyeliners. Free Beauty UK 'Purple Haze' liquid eyeliner. All eyeliners have been at least swatched. £4

4. Kryolan Air Stream Makeup - £6 for both. Shades are 'Violet' and 'Red'.

5. BOTH PENDING. OCC Lip Tars - 'Trick' (peachy nude) and 'Hush' (pinky nude) both used a couple of times. £5 each.

6. Felt Critters/ Skulls - I used to make and sell these when I had a little fake hair shop! Approx 2" tall each. Can be turned into either badges or bobbles. Let me know. £2.50 each.

Thanks guys!


  1. hey lily, can i get the lip tar in hush and the kryolan pallette?

  2. Could I please get the magazines and sleek foundations? xx

  3. Can I please have the magazines if the lady above changes her mind.

  4. if the OCC lip tars become available can you please email me at, thanks xx

  5. @ Glitterish allsorts and cococerys, I'll email you both should the items become available.

  6. Hi i just stumbled across you from your amazing guest post on lipglossing
    I wondered if i could maybe have the eyeshadow baggies please?

  7. @dq88 Hello! Thank you :) I will email you now.

  8. if it's still available, I'd like to have Kryolan 'Matt Classic' Eyeshadow Palette :D I'm from Croatia (Europe), and my e-mail is

  9. @ Nanethiel, the Kryolan palette is pending atm :)

  10. contact me if the deal falls through =P

  11. can i have the nailart stuffs please?

  12. @ Nanethiel, shall do!

    @ simpleelegance, sorry chuck, the nail art set was snapped up late last night :(

  13. Kryolan 'Matt Classic' Eyeshadow Palett
    OCC lip tars Trick & hush!

    pls email me at if they are still available. I will pay ASAP i have feedback @ makeupalley: crazybeautiful I've been trying to hunt down the kryolan eyeshadows for awhile now!

  14. kryolan palette + the two OCC liptars

    pls let me know if they are available.
    I have been hunting down the kryolan eyeshadows for a long time now. i have feed back at MUA : crazybeautiful I will pay ASAP via pay pal. pls let me know
    email me at


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