What Now? #bbloggers Twitter Chat

After all of the fantastic #bbloggers chats on Twitter, I'm know I wasn't the only one who wondered where it would head once Fee of Make-up Savvy stepped out to let it run on its own. After tonight's #bbloggers chat, it became clear that a lot of tweeters felt that it was beginning to lose its direction and I had to agree. Instead of letting it die, I thought I'd help to organise it instead! Please don't think of me as 'the #bbloggers leader' - I'm not. I've come up with as many ideas to make sure that YOU the bloggers get as much say as possible about how the chat will run.

How Will it Work?

1. To suggest topics, tweet your idea including the #bbloggers hashtag. For example 'I think the next #bbloggers topic should be - do PR freebies make for biased reviews?' If for whatever reason you'd rather be anonymous, you can message me via Twitter (@beautysbadhabit) or email me lily175 [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

2. Out of the suggested topics, I will choose 3 - 5 (depending on how many are suggested) topics which I think would get the biggest reaction. I'll base my choices on past chats and the response to each suggestion as they are posted (retweets, replies etc).

3. On Thursday at around 6pm I will post a poll, so that everyone can vote on the subject that they are most interested in. The poll will run until 6pm on Saturday, so that everyone has plenty of time to think of points they want to raise before Sunday. On Saturday night I will tweet what the topic will be and request that you retweet it to get the word out!

4. As always, the chat will start at 8pm GMT on the Sunday.

How do I Join in #bbloggers? 

All you need to do is check the subject each Saturday, then sign in every Sunday at 8pm, search for #bbloggers, post your thoughts on the topic and get stuck in! Reply to others, retweet, ask questions - #bbloggers is whatever you make it.

All I ask is that you leave posting blog links to the END of the chat, unless it is relevant to the topic that week.

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As well as myself, there will be a few other 'moderators'. There will be both regular and guest moderators so that things stay fresh and everyone who wants to help out CAN help out! A moderator's job is to keep the chat flowing, keep people on topic, make sure everyone knows what the topic is and so on and so forth - basically, they'll just be getting involved and helping things to run smoothly! I will announce which bloggers will be acting as moderators on the Sunday evening - moderators may change week to week.

Well, I think that's all! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


  1. So nice of you to do this...you will be a fantastic fair/partial moderator.
    Have a fab week!!!

  2. All sounds great to me, I look forward to next week, I also think the topic you have suggested is a good one. Jude xx @jadlgw

  3. Great thanks for taking the time to do this, i have really enjoyed this time chatting to fellow bloggers so really don't want it to end. I agree with everything you've put and think it's all good :) x

  4. Sounds good to me - bbloggers is a great source of inspiration and debate, usually makes me think a bit, and I'd be sad if it was to end. So I'm all for a new system, and voting seems good too. Thank you for sorting it!

  5. Well done on stepping up to the helm.

    It will be great to see how such a popular talk evolves on the Twittersphere now. Democracy rules supreme!

    Teacup x

  6. I have to admit I've missed the last few on purpose, they just turned into a three ring circus which is no one's fault but I'm glad that you are taking the time out of your schedule to organise the chat, I and I'm others really appreciate it.

  7. Really cool that you're stepping in to give it some more direction! I've been watching the bbloggers chats for awhile, but haven't been sure how to join in. Looking forward to the next one, I think I'll take part!

  8. so nice of you to do this! lol way to take one for the team :D

  9. Brilliant idea, thanks for stepping up to the podium.



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