Week in Photos #15


MOVING. The sister moved back home this week, which means that the house is currently full of bags, boxes and general clutter. It also means I've lost my FOTD/ OOTD room *sigh*

NOSTALGIA. I found a 'to do' list of things I wrote with my best friend in secondary school! It was so strange, thinking how much I've changed and how much has happened since then. I've no idea how she is these days, though, she started ignoring me once we started college. Occasionally I'll get a text to see if I'm going to a gig, but that's all.

FAIL. Yesterday myself, boyfriend and boyfriend's mate set off to go to an acoustic festival. We ended up getting ridiculously lost and miiiles away, did a loop of the M60, gave up and went home. I still snapped some pictures, though!

CAKE. The flower toppers I showed you last week got plonked on to some huuuge cupcakes and promptly devoured. Tasty tasty :)


  1. Cupcakes look delish! :) xx

  2. I love the old painted Chucks, really cute!

  3. I really like those kind of posts, possibly because I'm nosy! x

  4. Ahh your photos are so brilliant xxx

  5. Lovely photos! The cupcakes look gorgeous x

  6. @ Charli, they were delicious!

    @ Miss EBlolg, they tasted it, too!

    @ Robyn, haha, they're all worn through on the soles! I really loved them too *goodbye old friends*

    @ Rocaille, hehe, so do I, week in photos on blogs are some of my fave posts!

    @ Amy, thank you, lovely!

    @ Tamsin, thanks, they tasted amazing!


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