Week in Photos #14


TYPICAL ENGLAND. One day it's so hot I'm wearing short shorts and searching for sun cream, the next it's raining none stop. I find the rain a comfort, though - a reminder that some things never change!

CAKE. A cake a week keeps the...ah, who am I kidding? At least cake is good for the soul, if nothing else! This week called for a pear, walnut, pistachio and dark chocolate cake. Sounds fancy, right? Oh! And if you saw my tweets about the fail cake I made last week, we put it out for the birds - they demolished the whole thing in about 2 hours! Maybe that's why it was called a hummingbird cake...

MORE CAKE. My mother is currently sat covering flowers in sugar...I think she's going to cook them or something magical and use them as fairy cake toppers - how cute?!

I've also been continuing to clear out, you never know how much stuff you actually have until you're trying to get rid of it all! Last night myself and the boy half went to his mate's for another mate's pre-birthday gathering. HE HAS SNAKES. I wish I could have held one, but everyone was pretty wrecked so it wouldn't have been the best of ideas haha. I'd love a little reptile of my own one day...

How has your week been treating you?


  1. I don't share your love of reptiles but the love of cake on the other hand x

  2. I've held a snake before! My dad used to work as a naturalist at a forest preserve and kept snakes in his office for rehabilitation. When I was little he used to let me hold them! It's so weird - I always thought they were slimy, but they're really dry!

  3. I LOVE SNAKES. And cake. I'm making cake pops this week ^^

  4. Too right typical England. I don't live too far from Blackpool see but I feel like it's at my door with the amount of puddles out there!!
    That cake mix looks so good and so do those flowers, I'm guessing creativity runs in you fam?

    Love J.


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