Week in Photos #11 and #12

 GREEN. Went on a ramble with boyfriend, his mother and her dogs through some woods. It's been so lovely and Sunny in England lately; I was shattered by time we got home!

SOROCCO. Had my first attempt at gig photography which was a bit of a fail for technical reasons...Basically, I need a better lens! Got a few shots but nothing half decent, so I went back to supping cider and dancing.

CAKE. Um. Are these posts ever complete without a food photo?! I think not!

STARS.  I attached some fairy lights to the ceiling in my room, it's so pretty and relaxing watching them all twinkling away.

Last week was also my parent's 50th birthday, but I didn't like any of the photos from the party! I'd thought 'sod it!' when I was doing my make-up and mixed highlighting liquid in to my foundation....NOT A GOOD IDEA. Serious case of tanned body, white face. Flash and highlighters don't mix - I knew this, teaches me right for ignoring a make-up rule I usually abide by!


  1. Oh wow I love the lights on your ceiling! Would totally love to do something like it, but would probably have a major hissy fit trying to get them up there and then give up! Lol looks really magical though.

  2. Hey! This festival ticket on the guy is from Sziget, isn't it? because i'm from hungary...:)

  3. Haha, the 'ghost face' looks isn't so good in photos, is it?
    The lights on the ceiling is a good idea, might transfer mine from the wall to above my bed if I can be bothered!

  4. @ Maddalena, thanks

    @ Aoife, thanks! Haha, yeah I almost did since I had to keep moving them around to try and space them out properly!

    @ Karenka, I honestly don't have a clue - but I think I remember him saying he was going to a festival ages ago...Well spotted! Haha :)

    @ Julia M, no! It's awful! Seriously cringed looking at the photos -_- Try it out, they're really relaxing!

  5. Gig photography is harder than it seems lol! Especially fast moving bands in a rather dark room, I've been practicing at my boyfriends work but I too need a new lens for anything really 'up close'


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