TUTORIAL - How to use Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy

Whenever I mention Fyrinnae pixie Epoxy, I get one of two responses - 'I love Pixie Epoxy! Use it all the time!' or, 'Pixie Epoxy just doesn't work for me. At all. Ever.' so I figured if you're one of the latter, this post might just help you out...

I like to use Pixie Epoxy with satin, duochrome and glitter eyeshadows. It really makes the colours and textures stand out - plus its great for keeping glitter from falling down onto your cheeks! Pixie Epoxy is really versatile and I think people make the mistake of thinking it's only for bold, loud colours, I use it with neutrals and it really helps to bring out their beauty. The only thing you have to be careful about is not to put any where matte eyeshadows are going - they will apply patchy and look awful!

  [[ Left: No Base/ Right: Pixie Epoxy = MUA Club dupe, Aromaleigh 'Pique', Urban Decay 'Midnight Cowboy...', Fyrinnae 'Digital Faerie' ]]

1. First things first - Pixie Epoxy is a BASE, not a primer (click to learn the difference). Bases are to make eyeshadows stick, or to enhance their colour - not to make them last, so without a primer they will crease! When using Pixie Epoxy, always layer it over a primer such as Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

2. Primer on? Ace. Now you've got to get to grips with how much Pixie Epoxy to use. I use the tiniest amount I can possibly pick up - so little that I actually question if there's any on my finger when I'm rubbing it in! This is a bit trial and error and at first you'll probably use way more than you need to. I also only apply it to the lid, mainly because I prefer the contrast between the bold, glittering lid and a duller crease and matte highlight shade.

 3. Pat your eyeshadow over the Pixie Epoxy using a firm brush. To blend, just dab the lighter colour slightly over the darker shade a few times. Try to resist any 'windscreen wiper' blending actions - I find this gives a muddy finish when blending over sticky bases of any kind.

4. Finish off your eyeshadow look however you choose and bask in the glory that is Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy!

I USED - Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Fyrinnae 'Pixie Epoxy', MAC 'Platinum' pigment, Too Faced blue from the Smokey Eyes kit, Urban Decay 'Zero', Kryolan 'Eggplant', Estee Lauder 'Rose Confetti', Kryolan white pencil eyeliner, ELF black cream eyeliner, mascara.

When you come to remove your make-up, I find an oil based eye make-up remover works best with Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. I hope somebody out there finds this useful!


  1. You have inspired me to dig out my P.E. and give it another try!! I have semi-hooded lids and when I used it the first couple of times I was either using too much or not letting it dry and I experienced madddddddd creasing? Do you wait a few minutes to let it dry before putting on your eyeshadow? Or do you do that right away after spreading the P.E on?

  2. Sometimes I do my eyeshadow as normal first, then apply a light layer of PE and pat some extra shadow on top. Works pretty well that way too :)

  3. Thank you so much for the excellent tutorial! I ordered a sample of the Pixie Epoxy a week ago, and I'm really glad I have a good idea of how to use it now!

  4. Amazing look! Simply gorgeous :) I think I need to get the Epoxy base so I can play with more unruly shadows!

  5. Great tutorial. I love P.E. Sometimes I apply it over what I've already done as well - so for liner or if I want to layer bright colours.

  6. This was a great post! I've tried to explain how to use it to a few ppl and they don't seem to get it. From now on I'll just direct this to this post since this is what I do. Thanks! :D

  7. Gret tutorial ! I love FPE and use it very often . Lovely eyelook too :D

  8. Great tutorial and awesome look as usual! :)

  9. Great tutorial and it really helps give the eyshadows and intense colour. I think I might just have to buy myself a sample of PE!

  10. Great timing! I've been really curious about the FPE in the last few days as people have been recommending it for keeping glitter in place. Can you use it on top of a done look to 'seal' it in?

  11. @ dslrbbt, some people let it dry a bit before they pop on their eyeshadow, but I use so little that I don't really have to! Just keep having a play, I think everyone finds a different way which suits them best :)

    @ sepia_raven, oooh, like a double whammy of colour!

    @ The Nail Buff, no problem, I hope you like it!

    @ Jette Fromm, thanks! Haha, definitely, it's great for keeping glitter bomb eyeshadows in place!

    @ Robyn, thanks! I've never layered it over shadow, but might give it a crack.

    @ Spicey, thank you :)

    @ Luna, I think it's become such a staple for a lot of people! Thanks!

    @ Sandra, definitely worth ordering a sample.

    @ Jennifae, thanks chuck!

    @ Laura, thanks! It's certainly worth trying out!

    @ Jen, you can't really apply it and leave it without powder over it. It stays quite tacky and I imagine it would be quite uncomfortable to wear. You could try a setting spray, like Model in a Bottle or Ben Nye, or perhaps a gel like Illamasquas?

  12. I LOVE the look! I also adore Pixie Epoxy with Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Great combo for super sparkly fun.

  13. WOW Love it.. I have to wait till I get back from my vacation :D I am getting this

  14. When you say you're not even sure you put any PE on, that tells me I'm using way too much! When I've used it in the past, I can feel the PE on my lid, so I've shied away from it. But, you've inspired me to try again.

    Do you touch your finger to the applicator? Just curious how you get the product on to your lid. Thanks!

  15. Can pixie epoxy be used as a sticky base for loose glitter?

  16. @ Phyrra, couldn't agree more!

    @ CopyCat, hope you love it!

    @ NeenaJ, I have a little sample pot atm, so I've just been lighting touching my finger to the surface and applying that way.

    @ The Girl from Malta, yes it can be used for loose glitters :)


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