This Sunday's #bbloggers Topic Is....

Self promotion
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How do you promote your blog? What works? What doesn't?

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Moderators helping out this week shall be Lena AKA @SeptemberLena and Zoe AKA @TheLondonLipgloss.

I understand that some folk think the chat will literally be moderated. Not quite. You can't actually moderate Twitter chats and to be honest I wouldn't even if I could! I'd much rather everyone had their say, whatever their opinion, however unpopular it may be (I like some healthy debate!) and luckily there haven't been any 'trolls' causing trouble so far. 'Moderators' are helpers more than anything - I wanted to get a few other people involved who could keep the chat going, help people out with any issues, politely request that folk don't abuse the #bbloggers hashtag and kick off the chat if I'm away.

So, basically, if you want a debate - have one. If you want to question somebody's ideas - do it. If you want to get something off your chest - feel free. Nobody will be stopping you.

I hope that clears things up; see you tomorrow at 8pm!


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