REVIEW - Eyeko Graffiti 'Liner, Fat Balm and Liptastik

Eyeko have been on my radar ever since I first spotted them in Superdrug years back (not sold there any longer), I've watched them grow and grow, building quite an impressive fan base. I'm a huuuge fan of their nail polishes but, somehow, had never tried anything else from the brand until these arrived for me to play with*...

[[ Eyeko Black Graffiti Eyeliner, 'Lip Lover' Liptastik and 'Frosting' Fat Balm ]]

Packaging wise, these look mega cheap but guess what? They're practical. We all know how much I love practical packaging, right?! Personally, I don't mind having some naff looking things in my stash, since I'm the only one who ever sees them anyway! After all, Eyeko is also aimed at 'tweenage' try remembering that whilst ignoring those Clip Art style butterflies...

[[ Eyeko 'Frosting' Fat Balm - £6.50 ]]

Fat Balms are essentially chunky, lightly tinted lip balms which you can also use on your cheeks to add a flush of colour. All in all, a good idea in writing, but in reality I'm not exactly sold. Too chunky for lips (these are HUGE), not at all moisturising and far too waxy for cheeks. Overall, this fat balm felt like it should be in a toddler's play make-up set - definitely one to skip!

[[ Eyeko Black Graffiti Eyeliner - £5.50 ]]

This stuff is love in felt tip format! Deep, dark black which doesn't fade or smudge - peeerfect. It's so easy to apply and you don't need to keep going back over it to build the colour since the pigmentation is so intense. The first time I wore this, my eyes kept watering due to heat/ pollen and all I could think was, 'Oh no, I must look like a panda by now!' but, to my great surprise, it was still perfect when I checked it. Now that is what you call an amazing eyeliner!

[[ Eyeko Black Graffiti Eyeliner, 'Frosting' Fat Balm and 'Lip Lover' Liptastik swatches ]]

The Liptastik (£6.50) comes in a wind up tube, perfect for lazy folk like me who can't be bothered digging out their pencil sharpeners! It applies smoothly, leaving an even, bright, bold colour behind - plus, it's comfortable to wear and lasts ages. For me, nothing beats a good 'proper' lipstick, but these chunky lipstick pencils would be ideal for carrying around on nights out.

All in all, I think Eyeko are a bit hit and miss. When they get something right (eyeliners, nail polishes) they get them really right...but when they get them wrong...well...they get them really wrong! Still, I'm curious to try out the blushes and bronzers to see which category they fall into...

Do you own any of these products? Favourites? Do you think Eyeko's packaging needs a revamp?

* Products received for review purposes. Opinions 100% honest and 100% my own - as always!


  1. Their products have always been so nice. I have a fatbalm from a number of years ago that I just found that still works wonders. The packaging is cute and works for them. I just placed a huge eyeko order, so I'm excited to try the graffiti liner. Do you have it in any other colors and how did the liptastik wear? Thank you!

  2. I really want to try the graffiti eye liners, they look awesome. In fact I think I'll probably get all the available colours!

    I used to use the eyeko mascara that comes in a silver tube (big eyes? Can't remember the exact name) but the price has gone up to £15 for that product so I doubt I'll buy it again. That's way too steep for the quality IMO.

  3. Packaging definitely puts me off sometimes but I've always found the products to be good so can overlook the grey plastic. I love the look of the eyeliner above, I think I'm going to have to go purchase! x

  4. The eyeliner looks great, i've always seen people write about this brand but never really had a look. I definitely will next time I'm in town :) xo

  5. I won some Eyeko stuff in a giveaway on Baroque Boudoir, and I'm really pleased with it all. I have the liner in purple and teal, and it's amazing! The teal one is really dark so is a perfect, slightly-less-severe alternative to my usual black. The lipglosses are pretty sticky but they last quite long on me. I also have a shimmery cream thing, which is quite nice to mix in with my body lotion on days where I feel like shining a bit! I had the tan-coloured version of that too but it would be more suited to a darker skinned person as one me-it looked a bit too brown. I gave it to my sister though, and it suits her fine!
    Yeah, the packaging looks pretty cheap but when you consider that the target market is a good few years younger than us, it's easy to let it pass!

  6. I'm jealous!
    I really want to try Eyeko but I never get round to it :(
    I didn't know they were sold in Superdrug!

  7. Thanks for the heads up about the Fat Balms! The lip....thing (I feel like a knob saying Liptastik) is a gorgeous shade.

  8. Thanks for the detailed and honest review.

    I love how the that liner looks, but I have issues with felt tip style liners becoming raggedy after a little while (hello, MAC!) and rendered useless because I can't get a crisp line. Would be really interested to see how the felt tip on this one fares.

  9. @ Shannon, it's interesting to hear that you're enjoying a fat balm which is a few years old when my brand new one is awful! I don't have the graffiti liner in other colours, but I'm sure a quick google would find you some swatches :) The liptastik wears like an average lipstick, a few hours before it starts to fade a little although it does stay bright!

    @ Copy Cat, you're very welcome.

    @ Glitterish Allsorts, the liners are fab! I'm tempted by the others, too, even though I only really wear black! I know, they hiked the prices up across everything - a bit ridiculous imo.

    @ Rhona, looking past the grey plastic is a good idea! The liners are ace :)

    @ Jessica, the liner is awesome! You can only buy eyeko from online now, their site is linked above though I think Asos sell it too.

    @ Julia, intriguing to hear that the teal is dark...I only really wear black eyeliners but occasionally dabble in darker eyeliners (which always end up being not dark enough!) so might give the teal a try.

    @ Lauren, it's worth a try! Just avoid the fat balms! They aren't sold in Superdrug any more, but they were a few years ago. Now you can only buy them from online stores (linked in the post).

    @ Silhouette Screams, yeah, the lip...thingy is a gorgeous shade :)

    @ Jen, so far so good with the liner, it's quite solid so I don;t think it will be getting raggedy any time soon :)


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