OM NOM NOM Vanilla and Chocolate Shortbread!

 If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I enjoy baking...But baking doesn't enjoy me (does that make sense? No? Lets go with it anyway.) What I mean by this is that half the time my plans of world kitchen domination through fatty treats fail horrendously! My last baking fail was chocolate shortbread, so it seemed like fate when I came across this recipe on elliand. "Whey!" I thought, "A chance to reclaim my title as a kitchen pro!" By kitchen pro, I mean enthusiastic novice...

I ended up tweaking the recipe a bit by adding about 20g more flour to each dough mix since they were way too sticky to roll, even after being in the fridge for thirty minutes. No fault of the actual recipe though - our scales are dodgy and we usually add at least 10g extra for each ingredient!

I might use proper cocoa powder instead of hot chocolate mix next time and fling in some extra sugar to account for the bitterness...Or perhaps add orange extract instead of vanilla and use dark chocolate...All in all, I definitely give Danni's recipe a big thumbs up - try it yourself!


  1. They look so good! I love shortbread and vanilla and chocolate sounds amazing x

  2. Definitely going to have to try this! Although I'd have to convert the measurements first!

  3. Oh, they look amazing! I bloody love a bit of shortbread x

  4. Aah I'm glad you tried them! Sorry they turned out a bit sticky though, I'm surprised as mine were almost too dry! Ah well, practice makes perfect I guess :) x

  5. @ Tamsin, they tasted lovely! Definitely try them out, your taste buds will love you for it :P

    @ Kelly, it's worth a quick conversion! So tasty!

    @ Hannah, haha, my Dad was like, 'These look very artisan...' of course I didn't tell him how easy the swirl effect was :P

    @ Kristen, they tasted delicious too!

    @ Danni, don't woory about it, chuck! Our scales are out, more a 'rough guide' than precision haha :)

    @ Lauren, they tasted amazing! Try them out!


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