NOTD - E.L.F 'Plum'

E.L.F plum is one of those fabulously vampy colour which, if you love dark nails, you will be instantly drawn to. I wore it so much last Autumn/ Winter that I almost emptied the bottle in those few months alone!

I was going to wait until Autumn/ winter to crack this polish out again, but I couldn't resist...I'm blaming the colours in this lumberjack shirt I um...'borrowed' from my Dad for that! E.L.F 'Plum' is a 3 - 4 coater and it dries so slowly I could probably walk to Mongolia and back before I felt safe enough to get changed/ make a brew/ wash my hands without fear of smudges. Despite this, I still love it and will continue to rock it until E.L.F stop making it!

Available from the E.L.F site for £1.50.


  1. gorgeous color! I always prefer dark color on my nails (inner goth? scary :/ )

  2. It's kind of like OPI - lincoln park after dark, only without the stupid price!x

  3. Great colour. Perfect winter colour. Saying that the weather is so rubbish here, it wouldn't matter :)

  4. i love this post, love the colour, and the lumberpot shirt. i know it's only £1.50. I think I would have bought it if opacity could be reached in 2 or 3 coats tops x

  5. @ Shel, it's a beaut' for sure!

    @ Kelly, haha, I think I have an inner goth too :P

    @ beautifulwithbrains, it is! I'm after more from ELF I think...

    @ The Make-up Fairy, haha, the weather's usually rubbish here too :/

    @ Liloo, I think you should buy it anyway. Go ooon. I usually wouldn't buy something which takes a few coats, but this is worth it!

    @ vulcan_butterfly, order nooow! It's amazing!


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