Mixin' Things Up...

I'm sure that we all have eyeshadows that sit unloved in the bottom of our make-up drawers. They're pretty, yes, but they never get used - doesn't that seem such a waste?! Yesterday my eyes settled on such an eyeshadow...they then settled on Sugarpill 'Lumi' and before I knew it, I was snatching up all of my unloved eyeshadows and mixing new shades!

[[ New pretties! ]]

 [[ 'Spellbound' ]]

'Spellbound' was a happy accident...I started off with a deep, purple wine eyeshadow and intended to mix a smidge of Sugarpill 'Lumi' into it. However, a whole load of 'Lumi' fell in to the jar and I ended up with this gorgeous shade! Soft lilac with aqua and green duochrome - in some lights, it still looks deep wine. Amaazing!

[[ 'Cadence' ]]

I started with a soft yellow-green duochrome, then added a silvery peach and a pink-white duochrome. 'Cadence' is such a unique colour! In person, all of the duochromes are really evident, but it's soft enough to use as a highlight shade for the cheeks. Yellowy, cool toned peach with a soft pink duochrome and a hint of green.

[[ 'Jaggy Snake' ]]

I wanted to create a deep brown, so I started by mixing two complimentary colours (orange and blue) to give the initial brown shade as a starting point. Then I just kept flinging in more eyeshadows until I was happy with the colour! Dark red, dark green, turquoise, gold, duochrome yellow-green...

[[ 'Gypsy King' ]]

Finally, I fancied a shade which I could wear on lazy days. Those days when you just want to fling on some colour and go. I mixed a soft, golden brown with a duochrome white-orange, duochrome white-gold and a strong, bright gold to achieve 'Gypsy King' - it's such a soft and gorgeous colour.

It was so much fun and I really love the results! This is also a fab way of using up any empty jars you might have lying around. I think I might buy some empty jars myself, so that I can use up the eyeshadows I have in sample baggies...

 +10 cool points to anyone who knows the music references in the names!


  1. Oh wow, if 'Spellbound' was an actual eyeshadow I would be buying it like a shot. Skillfully done! :)

  2. Isn't it so much fun to mix shadows together?! I've been combining shadows as I've been pressing things. I love some of the colors I've created! Spellbound is beautiful! And I have no clue what the reference is :(

  3. I have a bunch of my own frankenshadows... Sadly I never use them!

  4. Dear Lily,

    Please open your own makeup shop.


  5. I haven't done this to create fun colours for a while, I've most recently just crushed some of my rubbish old pressed brown and lilac and pink eyeshadows together, which makes a decent neutral, but it's not very exciting!

  6. You should sell Spellbound, is lush! I need it :)

  7. Dear Lily,

    What Wendy said.


  8. I have so many unused, unloved loose shadows that I ought to do something as fabulous as this!

  9. Okay I think jaggy snake is a biffy clyro reference, gypsy king is Patrick wolf and spellbound could be either lacuna coil or siousxie. I have no idea about cadence though!

    How did I do? :p

  10. Absolutely love Spellbound!

  11. Gypsy king looks so great for summer, I want!

  12. Spellbound is my favourite of the bunch :3

  13. very creative :) good going!

    SHEL X

  14. I love spellbound! Gorgeous :)

  15. @ Ruth, haha, I ended up quite glad I accidentally spilt so much 'Lumi' in to it!

    @ The Peach, it is! I've been watching your mixing/ pressing experiments :) The music references are all song names.

    @ Jade, haha, aw :/ Well at least you had fun making them, I guess!

    @ Wendy and Robyn, I will open my own make-up shop if you both fund me and do all the packaging/ stock control for me. Much love, Lily

    @ Julianne, well I guess one not so exciting colour is better than a bunch! Haha :)

    @ Kelly, I think Fyrinnae do a similar shade called either Snowbunny or Herbivore...

    @ Rona, thanks!

    @ sepia_raven, thanks! excited to use it!

    @ Mandy, definitely try it out! So much fun!

    @ Glitterish Allsorts, whey! 3 outta 4 (Spellbound is Siouxsie, never got into LC!) 'Cadence' is a reference to Aanberlin :)

    @ Sue, 'tis a stunner if I do say so myself haha

    @ Toni, it's so pretty! Can't wait to wear it on lazy days :)

    @ Silhouette Screams, I think Spellbound is everyone's fave haha :D

    @ irishenchantment, thanks!

    @ Phyrra, thanks!

  16. Great idea! I don't have a lot of loose shadows but I do have a few I don't know what to do with- maybe I'll smash them together and see what happens!

  17. Spellbound is absolutely gorgeous!


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