Latest Shiro Cometics Buys and Swatches

A wee while ago, Shiro Cosmetics had a 15% off sale to celebrate reaching 1000 fans on Facebook and (naturally) I had to partake! I settled on buying ten mini sizes which including all of the discounts (order more than 10 minis = discount) came to $22.95 plus $3.50 shipping.  My order came well wrapped and arrived in just over one week.

[[ Shiro Cosmetics pretties ]]

[[ Shiro Cosmetics Swatches: Master Sword // Oshus // Zubat // Test Subject ]]

LOOK AT 'MASTER SWORD'. Just look at it! Isn't it gorgeous?! Silvery taupe with enough gold to be wearable for we warm skinned beings. It's majorly glittery and looks amazing with thick black eyeliner and lashings of mascara. Also loving 'Oshus', which is a truly stunning teal with an unapologetic amount of gold glitter when foiled. 

[[ There Will be Cake // Small Key // Shall Not be Mourned // Everything is Bears // Deadly Neurotoxin ]]

As you can see, I'm still really into my neutrals at the minute, but in my defence Shiro do make some incredible ones. I mean, just LOOK at 'Master Sword', 'Shall Not be Mourned' and 'Small Key'! Hellooo, incredible! I love the texture and pigmentation of Shiro's eyeshadows, definitely my favourite of any indie brand at the moment.

What are your favourites from Shiro Cosmetics? Any brights should pick up next time?


  1. I have quite a lot of Shiro Cosmetics pigments myself and absolutely adore them. Small Key is my favourite even though I normally dislike neutrals and browns, beiges, etc.

  2. I am so tempted to get some samples as all the swatches I'm seeing are gorgeous!

  3. Those swatches are lush, I love There Will Be Cake and Shall Not Be Mourned! x

  4. I bought from Shiro a couple weeks back and still have to swatch/review them.. I bought the medium/sample sizes, expecting the pots to have little pokeballs on them but was severely disappointed when they arrived with a clear lid =(

    The colours look amazing though, will have to swatch soon!

  5. Test Subject and Shall Not Be Mourned look awesome!

  6. You are making my no buy very difficult! x

  7. Very pretty swatches! I love the names of all of these!

  8. I need Small Key and Shall Not Be Mourned!


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