FOTD - Pink Vanilla

Sometimes you need something pretty, shiny and dramatic to make your day complete. I wanted to wear something which would work with my plum polish...but not match. Along came MAC 'Pink Bronze' pigment in all of its duochrome glory...

EYES - TFSI, E.L.F black cream eyeliner, MAC 'Pink Bronze' pigment, Fyrinnae 'Fire Opal', Yaby matte white, MAC 'Vanilla' pigment, Yaby matte black, Urban Decay 'Lucky' eyeliner, Eyeko felt tip eyeliner, mascara

FACE - No.7 'Beautifully Matte', Natural Collection tinted moisturiser, Kryolan Ultra Foundation as concealer, Kryolan powder, Ben Nye pink blush, Fyrinnae 'Centre Stage' highlighter.

LIPS - MAC 'Blankety' lipstick, Darling Girl 'Gold Finger' hologloss.

I LOVE how it looks over a dark base! Just incredible! It brings the pink out so much, adding some metallic brown to the crease helps to smoke it out with ease. Aaand MAC 'Vanilla' pigment makes for the perfect highlight shade (yeah yeah, technically it "should" have been matte, but who cares?!)

Do you have MAC 'Pink Bronze'? How do you wear it?


  1. this eyemake up is goreous and look stunning doll!!!


  2. That looks really gorgeous!

  3. this is a gorgeous look on you! as usual so pretty :)

    shel xx

  4. So gorgeous!!! There are so many MAC pigments I want right now :(

  5. I wish I could do my eyes like this! It looks absolutely gorgeous.

    I don't own Pink Bronze but I think I am going to have to now after seeing this!


  6. You look amazing. Jude xx @jadlgw

  7. Argh so pretty! I really want Pink Bronze now and I NEVER lust after Mac pigments!

  8. This is so gorgeous!
    It looks beautiful on you xx

  9. just perfect and blended to perfection xx

  10. this looks great! I love pink bronze :D

  11. Gorgeous!

    Any more MAC pigments you'd recommend?

  12. I do *not* own MAC Pink Bronze, but now I think I need to. Absolutely gorgeous, subtle, lovely.

  13. did u place the pigment over the black base?

  14. Love how you did the liner on this FOTD, it looks slightly different from usual. The pink duo is gorgeous.

  15. Wao! I've never seen this MAC pigment before and it is truly amazing! I want it!

  16. This looks so beautiful :)

    Love Christine ♥

  17. OMG, I am in love with Pink Bronze! I love what you've done with it here.

  18. Oh my gosh this is gorgeous. I am SO over paying MAC prices for pigments though, do you have anything else similar?

    I have the fyrinnae colour already :)

  19. @ Irene, thank you! One of my fave eyeshadow looks!

    @ Holly, thanks <3

    @ Shel, thank you!

    @ Robyn, ooh, which others are you after?

    @ Charli, I bet you could do! Might just need to tweak the shape or intensity to suit you better :) It is a really beautiful shade.

    @ Sarah, thank you!

    @ Jude, thanks!

    @ Aoife haha, I think this is their most special pigment. I do love Rose Gold too, though!

    @ Lauren, thank you!

    @ Liloo, thanks! Barry M fluffy blending brush is a beaut' :)

    @ Kelly, amazing colour isn't it?!

    @ Rachel, I think 'Vanilla' is one everyone need to own or at least try! It's a golden creamy vanilla with hints of pink - very pretty. Also, 'Rose Gold', which makes a beautiful cheek colour.

    @ Mandy, I think you need to, too! such an under-rated pigment imo.

    @ Peace, Love and Sparkles, thank you!

    @ Nicole, yes, there's black base on the lid with pigment over the top :)

    @ Rae, I think it's because my 'liner s getting thicker and thicker so I needed to change the shape up a bit!

    @ Sue, how have you missed it?! It's gorgeous!

    @ Christine, thanks!

    @ Mrs. Makeup, thank you :)

    @ vulcan_butterfly, haha it's a stunning pigment! Thank you!

    @ Lisa, I know the feeling, I'd never buy a MAC pigment these days. I've never seen anything close to Pink Bronze...if you contact an indie cosmetics company like Darling Girl, Silk Naturals or Lost in Makeupland they might be able to make a close colour for you :)

    @ Silhouette Screams, haha *joins in*

  20. I always wondered how to wear that pigment and you pulled it off. gorgeous


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