EVERYDAY BEAUTY - My Make-up Essentials

When I first started in make-up, I'd buy different things to replace whatever had run out each time. Bourjois foundation empty? Buy some Max Factor. Collection 2000 concealer dried up? Buy Rimmel. Gradually I became loyal to certain products (as you do) and learnt which shades suited me best - these became my make-up bag staples...

I start of my make-up by applying either Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance to make sure my eye make-up will survive the day. For bases, it's usually E.L.F 'Black' Cream Eyeliner since it is sooo long lasting and pigmented, or Darling Girl 'Glitter Glue' (which I am a little in love with). The eyeshadows I reach for most are usually indie - most recently Shiro Cosmetics and Darling Girl shades. I define my eyes with Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner* and Maybelline Falsies Mascara, before filling my 'brows with MUA Shade 19 (see how much I've used?!) and Stargazer Eyebrow Pen*.

Once I'm happy with my eye make-up, I start on my skin. Firstly, I dab on some Kryolan Ultra Foundation to any blemishes to completely conceal them (I also use this on my dark under eye circles). Next, I mix up a combination of three products - No.7 'Beautifully Matte Foundation' in 'New Ivory' for its strong yellow tones, Natural Collection 'Shine Away Foundation' to create the perfect colour and Avon 'Invisible Light Illuminator' to sheer everything out and give a dewy finish. Everything is then set with an old and trusty favourite - Kryolan Translucent Powder.

With my skin looking clear and fresh, I decide what to do with my cheeks. If I fancy a bronzed or sculpted look I blend Kiss My Sass 'Sun Tan' Bronzer under my cheek bones for a defined look. Warm pink, neutral peach and terracotta blushes suit me best - Ben Nye, The Balm and Topshop are my 'go to' brands for beautiful shades and textures. To top everything off, I highlight with either Sleek 'Glo Peach' for obvious, dramatic shimmer or Fyrinnae 'Centre Stage' for a more natural finish.

Warm neutrals are my favourites to complete any look - with MAC 'Honeylove' being my absolute lipstick holy grail! I think MAC make loads of great neutrals, I also love MAC 'Blankety' and MAC 'Creme d'Nude'. For brighter shades, I love deep pinks such as Urban Decay 'Jilted', hot pinks like OCC 'Anime', neon brights such as Stargazer '106' and unusual shades like OCC 'Hoochie'. To make matte lips more bearable, I slick on a decent balm - these days I'm loving Darling Girl 'Apple Jacks' Balm, it smells delicious!

Are you a fan of any products I've mentioned here? Are any on your wishlist?

* Item received for PR purposes.


  1. Those OCC lip tars are such gorgeous colours. I can't wait to see what the sleek pout paints are like! xx

  2. Fab post, I was definitely guilty of chopping and changing products but have started to show some loyalty. I've never heard of Darling Girl, off to investigate!x

  3. I love posts like these that highlight someone's every day essentials. Fantastic and makes me want to review what I use on a regular basis as well!

  4. Love the colours you have your lip tars in. I'm the same in that I know which brands I like and am used to for certain items now. I think it's natural to become loyal :) x

  5. Maybelline Falsies=love! Great post :)

  6. Awesome post! I need to get my hands on some Eyeko products. I've been EYE-ing (lololol) them for quite some time now!

  7. I love this sort of posts! I must go and find a match to a Kryolan colour one of these days. :)

  8. I love this sort of post! I've wanted to try Kryolan foundation for a while, would want a sample first though. Also, I use the same MUA shadow for my brows as you do! Their matte shadows are such amazing value, no one ever believes me that a £1 product is one of my daily essentials.

  9. Great post I love having a nose at other peoples favorites. How do you get the falsies mascara to work? I have it but the spoon brush just gives me horrid clump eyelashes xx

  10. I really want to try TFSI and the OCC Lip Tars!

  11. we have got two products in common... TFSI (holy grail!) and ELF gel eyeliner in black. :D

  12. I loved this post, I'm so nosey I like seeing what other people use. Especially your eyebrow products, yours are perfection! xx

  13. So much great stuff! I'm definitely a fan of TFSI and DG Glitter Glue. And a great nude lip is always a go-to for me also! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oooh, I LOVE seeing what products people use everyday!
    I really need to try out the DG glitter glue - I've heard nothing but amazing things about it.

  15. Brb, drooling over all your picks.

  16. @ Amy, they're so vivid and fabulous applied, too! I bought some pout paints today - excited to see how they compare to lip tars!

    @ princesselfy, haha, I think now I'm more cautious when buying products. I don't just buy new things, they must be thoroughly researched through blog reviews first! DG are fab :)

    @ Mandy, it was great to write too, makes you appreciate all your old favourites!

    @ Tamsin, definitely, I think you you have a few things from a certain brand you love, you feel that you can trust the rest of their products to be equally fab!

    @ Gracey, agreed! Couldn't be without it!

    @ Widdlesh, just make sure you look for a good variety of reviews first. Eyeko are rather hit and miss!

    @ Robyn, I should get a proper match too...The one I use as concealer is quite pink, which is fine for neutralising grey tones but not as great for quick blemish cover ups.

    @ Julia M, I think Charles Fox *might* do samples but I'm really not sure. Do try to see them IRL if you can though, the colour swatches online are always bit dodgy. Eee, it's such a perfect eyebrow shade AND a bargain - what's not to love?!

    @ Adrienne, for clump free lashes I DON'T wiggle the brush, then go over them with a lash comb. Truth be told, I do like slightly clumpy lashes, though!

    @ eight, you'd love them both! Top products!

    @ misato-san, I think your make-up bag must, therefore, be awesome then :P Haha

    @ Golden Glow, aw thanks chuck! I'm eyebrow obsessed!

    @ The Peach, DG glitter glue is amaaazing! TFSI beats UDPP for me, I think it's just a bit smoother and somehow more colour enhancing.

    @ Jessie, it's AMAZING! I prefer it to FPE!

    @ Silhouette Screams, haha :)


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