Darling Girl Cosmetics Haulin'

I always keep an eye on the Darling Girl Cosmetics blog to see what make-up magician, Susan, has been busy creating. It was the 'Sweet Treats' collection which made me eager to make another order - although, strangely, I only ended up ordering one thing from it! There is so much to choose from, I think even if I made ten orders I'd still find something else which took my fancy!

[[ Darling Girl Cosmetics haul! ]]

Naturally, I had to order the glitter glue as I'm always on the look out for new eyeshadow bases and foiling mediums and apparently this acts as both - awesome! I also ordered four petit eyeshadows, some sample baggies and a lip balm. The extra jar was the 'Gift with Purchase' and the extra baggies were free samples.

[[ My Little Pony // April Love // Stargazer ]]

'My Little Pony' has been in every Darling Girl swatch post I've seen lately and honestly I'm not surprised - it is stunning! My swatch does it zero justice, if you like duochromes and shimmer you need this colour in your life! 'April Love' is more or less a dupe for Urban Decay 'Mayhem', purple with subtle blue shift. 'Stargazer' is a really awesome red-pink with a faint blue shift, I'm excited to use this one!

[[ Surfrider, Chimera, Los Angelitos ]]

I ordered 'Surfrider' and 'Los Angelitos' as samples, since I'm in serious need of a highlight colour. The problem is that I'm really fussy when it comes to highlight shades, so didn't want any jars of colours I'd never use. Good thing, because 'Surfrider' is too peachy and 'Los Angelitos' is too beige! 'Chimera' is pretty wild, though! It would look ace with matte smokey eyes.

[[ Chocolate Ganache // Polaris // Hollywood // Hades ]]

'Polaris' and 'Chocolate Ganache' are almost identical in person, except 'Polaris' is a touch more green, still, they're pretty so I'm not too bothered! 'Polaris' was actually a custom colour for me, which didn't go quite to plan, but it was still nice enough to add to the shop :)

'Apple Jacks' lip balm smells amaaaaaazing, like Christmas! Plus, the smell doesn't fade and it hasn't dried out my lips. I think I'll get a fruity scent next, since 'Apple Jacks' gives me the urge to sing carols and bake gingerbread haha. I'll do a seperate review for the Glitter Glue once I've had time to play with it :)

Anything catch your eye? What are your favourite Darling Girl Cosmetics shades?


  1. These look amazing! I've never heard of the brand before but I'm in love! I'll have to check them out because your swatches look so pretty! x

  2. Stargazer looks pretty rad! My favourite DG colours are Honey Pot, a really awesome bright-as gold, and Mustang, a kind of plummy semi-matte brown with a hint of pink shimmer. Looking forward to seeing the glitter glue recs!

  3. The last set of swatches are beautiful. I haven't tried DG yet, but I probably will in the future! Love reading her blog too :)

  4. Ahhh, I'm waiting for my order, too - exciting! Stargazer is gorgeous - I'm kind of sad that I didn't pick it up!

  5. Never heard of the brand before, but they are gorgeous swatches, may need to get on this bandwagon at some point!

  6. Gorgeous swatches, the colours are so saturated

  7. I've never heard of this brand and after surfing around on the site I picked up 10 petits, Lavender Vanilla dry oil spray, and the eyeshadow primer. I can't wait until I get my order! I even shared with my friends on FB because the prices are great!

  8. I am waiting for an order from Darling Girl that has three of her aqua liners & two petites--Tragic Romance & Blackcurrant. I can't wait!

  9. I've never heard of this brand either.. everything looks interesting! loved the 1st swatches

  10. I've just ordered for the first time, mostly to get the glitter glue and the GWP! I can't wait to try them! :)

  11. Lovely swatches, I really need to place an order with DG!

  12. @ Summer Loren, definitely worth a look! I love everything I've had from Darling Girl :)

    @ Stargazer is awesome - debating using it as a blush with a light as a feather application haha. I had Honey Pot, but just gave it away! So any golds it is ridiculous...

    @ sepia_raven, you neeed to check 'em out - so much choce and top products!

    @ Larie, I think Stargazer is going to be permanent, so you can always pick it up next time I guess!

    @ Ess-Jay24, a good band wagon to be on tbh! Haha :)

    @ Nicole, love the pigmentation of these shades!

    @ Super Radioactive Girl, that makes two of us! Love how there are always new shades appearing :)

    @ Jackie Nickerson, aw, well I'm glad you did! Hope you love everything, I'm sure you will :)

    @ Mandy, eee, I need to try some aqua liners next! let me know what you think of them :)

    @ Emily, I'm loving the glitter glue so far, can;t wait to see what you think too :)

    @ Vulcan_Butterfly, yes you do! Haha :P

  13. Chocolate Ganache, Polaris, Hollywood and Hades are all talking to me! Such pretty neutrals.


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