City and Colour's Latest Album - 'Little Hell'


Last night, I did something I haven't done for years - listened to a new release on repeat and found it utterly astounding each time through. This was City and Colour's new album, 'Little Hell', which is so far removed from his first and second albums, but in all the right ways. To my ears, 'Little Hell' has a touch of The Black Keys, a strong dose of Ray Lamontagne and a hint of Jeff Buckley (I wouldn't say that lightly), with all the rawness that Dallas adds to Alexisonfire, condensed down into a frenzy of pure emotion strung together by simplistic lyrics and one hell of a soulful voice. In one word - stunning.


  1. And there's another musician to add to my library! Ta :)

  2. Completely agree... I've been listening to it on repeat since the other day <3

  3. @ Ruth, no problem!

    @ Scanner, it is amaaazing!


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