Week in Photos #9

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DINO. A while back, I agreed to get my Dad a drink on the terms that he'd buy an inflatable dinosaur for me...Meet Al.

PRETTIES. Remember me ranting about trying to find something for my parents' combined 50th birthday party? I ended up buying that bustier style top...not sure I'm sold on it yet, though. Hmm. The ring is from DaintyDollymix shop.

PLASTER. Some plaster phrenology heads for my final project at college - my whole exhibition is up now! So relieved it's almost over :)

CAKE. I think this is self explanatory!

Uh...yeah. It bugs me that I've only posted 2 things in the last week, but I've been more or less consumed by college work! Whenever I've not been working/ panicking/ doing things at the last minute I've been thinking of working/ panicking/ doing things at the last minute - yup, it's been that kind of week.

Any requests for specific posts?


  1. Ugh, I hate when that happens. When you can't ever truly take a break, cuz it's always on your mind. I just got through a couple weeks of that myself! Glad I'm done now, you'll get there too! :D

  2. I feel your pain w/ regards to the college work anxiety! I have been running around panicked all week, trying to finish things off. Thankfully, it is over. For what it's worth, I think the top is absolutely adorable, and if I had the figure for it I would wear it in a heartbeat.

  3. Absolutely love Al the dinosaur :)

    The ring looks gorgeous on you hun, thank you so much for buying. Really glad you love it!


  4. I like that polka dot dress ;-)

  5. That cake looks so good! I love your ring, I really need to get into the habit of wearing rings, I have so many that never get worn! xxx

  6. I like the bustier top, but I'm a sucker for polka dots!

    I'd really love to see more FOTD's - I know that's probably really boring for you, but your looks are always so flawless!


  7. I really like the polka dot top and the ring so pretty :) X

  8. I'm having a Victoria sponge cake for my wedding, along with cupcakes, chocolate cake, and petit fours.

    Seeing as you'll be off to uni soon why don't you have a budget challenge to copy a designer look for say £30 from the high street. You could do it with makeup too! x

  9. @ Widdlesh, it's so annoying! Ahhh time to relax...but I need to write that essay...then, then, then! It's over now though :D Whey!

    @ Kat, eee it's not good :/ At least it is/ will be over for you soon I guess! I think it's just the fit of the top I don't like...Having tiny boobs in a bustier top is not a good look *sigh*

    @ Sinead, barely taken it off since it arrived! My mum and sister keep trying to steal it away :)

    @ Sue, it's a top and it fits weirdly :/ At least it was only £5 haha

    @ Caz, the cake was amazing! Baking is so relaxing. I'm the same, I always love the look of rings but usually forget to wear them/ forget I own them!

    @ Jessie, ta! I think I'm half and half on the top...Hmm, maybe I'll wear it for nights out and such! Thanks, more FOTDs are on the way :D

    @ Rose Petals, thanks, love the ring but I'm STILL not sold on the top. Argh!

    @ Annabella, your wedding sounds delicious haha. That sounds like a good little series, but I don't have £30 to my name atm haha. I'd give anything for a job right now!


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