Week in Photos #8


CLEARING OUT - I took all the magazine pages/ posters/ flyers off my bedroom walls, it looks so empty now!

YOU'RE NOT 18 - I'm 20 this year and I'm not happy about it haha, wish I could be a teenager forever.

SUDOKU - Sudoku is really addictive, I've started doing it when I get into bed to tire my brain out so I don't spend ages tossing and turning before I finally get to sleep.

EUROCULTURED - Dancing, drinking, meeting crazy folk - my ideal day! Apart from that skanky pink cocktail - does that look like an amaretto sour to you?! No! Because it wasn't *bar staff fail*

DONE DEAL - Signed, sealed and sent my contract to live in uni halls. Exciting! Also scary since it takes me AGES to warm to new people - my house mates will think I'm a bitch ahaha.

Slightly different layout to usual...I think I prefer it. The image is clickable so you can see all the different photos better, I just wasn't a fan of 'Week in Photos' posts taking up so much room!


  1. I remember those days right before going off to uni, it's scary and exciting. I'm sure everyone on your floor in halls will be turning to you for fashion and beauty advice in no time!

  2. I remember when I turned 20, felt like my life was ending. I was so depressed. But I'm 23 in a few weeks and I feel like I'm going through the same kind of thing. Wish I could be 18 again too, it was such a great year!

    And I agree with you about sudoku, I've got it on my phone & it's so addictive. More proud of the fact I ca actually do it though! x

  3. great post! and that mug is so cool, i want! x

  4. Ohhh I want that mug XD it's my birthday on saturday so it would be quite appropriate haha

  5. I'm so jealous you got to go to Eurocultured. I didn't even end up going in the end!!
    I'm sure you'll be fine with uni accommodation. I've started buy pans and what not already!!

    Love J.

  6. @ annabella, scary and exciting are two of the perfect words to describe it! Haha, I wonder where I can put all my beauty/ clothes etc in my room...it's tiny!

    @ Karla, haha, it sounds dramatic bit that's exactly what it feels like! I think it's just that I'll no longer be a teenager. Ah well. I know, sudokus seem so much more complex than they really are, don't they?!

    @ that'slikevintage, I've no idea where the mug is from...you can probably get them in places like Clinton Cards.

    @ Bowleena, I hope you enjoyed your birthday!

    @ J, aw, how come you didn't go at all?! It was ace :) All my uni stuff is sorted - I haven't started buying anything practical yet though! Trip to IKEA is much needed!


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