Week in Photos #10


BIRFDAIII. My mum turned 50 on Thursday, so my Dad whisked her off to Geneva! They've been enjoying a jazz festival, lucky things.

PHWAAA! Julian Kynaston tweeted me, giving his approval of my Lady Gaga liner look - it really made my day!

FEED ME. With the boy in London and the parents in Switzerland, I've had the house to myself for four days! I've really liked cooking and eating things I wouldn't usually. I'll let you know how the fried ice cream turns out...

DONE. There was a week long exhibition at college of all of the final projects for everyone who had been on the art foundation course. It was a relief to take my exhibition down on Friday!

PRETTY! A new ring arrived which I bought from eBay - it only came to about £2 with postage! Bargain! Love it! Also, Emily sent me polishes that I had won from her giveaway - I'm excited to play with them all :D

I also decided to adjust the width of the blog, so that I can post bigger pictures. I *might* change it back, but I'm undecided. What do you think?


  1. Omg, they sell Panda's licorice in UK? I tought it was sold only in Finland :D God, I need to buy some, got some serious cravings now.

  2. The ring is gorgeous!! Great summer colour!

  3. If you're gonna keep the main column this wide - which I really like! Big photos are awesome - maybe consider having a one-column layout, with pages rather than a sidebar or something? Using Chrome on a fairly standard screen size and it's stretched to a point where it's actually a bit inconvenient.

  4. love the green nailpolish and the ring!

  5. I like bigger pictures, and your collage looks amazing! x

  6. @ Millie, yeah! Love it! I got it from Holland & Barrets :)

    @ The Make-up Fairey, ta, love it! Can't stop wearing it!

    @ Me! Hmm...Good idea, but I can't really have a one column layout. I need all my little wudget thingies and they'd look cluttered in one row. I've swapped back now :)

    @ Sue, thanks! The polish is Barry M 'Acid Yellow', but it's more of an acid chartreuse :)

    @ Rocaille, thanks! I think I prefer the collage picture layout :)


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