REVIEW - Stargazer Semi-Permananent Eyebrow Pen

If you've been a reader for a while, you'll have picked up on the fact that I'm OBSESSED with eyebrows! I'm a die-hard petitioner for well groomed, well shaped eyebrows - my heart skips a beat when my eyes settle on some perfect 'brows. Having never tried an eyebrow pen before, curiosity got the better of me and soon enough Stargazers slid through the letter box along with the corrector pen.

 My first impression was that they look exactly like marker pens - there's nothing girly or...make-uppy about them. These wouldn't look out of place in a mechanic's tool box or something equally manly, y'know? Still, they're practical and I like practical in terms of packaging! The slanted angle of the eyebrow pen makes drawing on those arches a doddle, whereas the pointed tip of the corrector makes erasing mistakes equally simple.

Shade 2 is a medium brown, which blends in easily with my dark eyebrows. It can be layered for a darker finish if you have any bare patches which need a little more definition. The pen can be twisted and tilted easily to get a different strength of line, meaning that whether you have thick or thin eyebrows, you can get a perfect arch. As for the corrector - while the idea's good, the product lacks a little. While it does remove the eyeliner pen, it turns the edges of it red and smears it around, meaning then you have to tidy up carefully with a decent concealer.

I'm wearing the Stargazer eyebrow pen in these pictures and I love how my eyebrows look! Bold, dark and defined - exactly what I want! It also lasts really, really well without smudging or fading and doesn't run or smear in the rain. However...the pen itself hasn't lasted as well :'( I've been using it for just over a week and already it's considerably drier. For the last few days I've been going over the pen with my old, trusty eyeshadow (MUA Shade 19) to even them out, but I'll definitely be looking into other eyebrow pens in future.

Stargazer eyebrow pens are available in two shades - 1 (black/ charcoal) and 2 (dark brown) for £4. Available from the Stargazer site, larger New Look stores and a variety of costume/ party/ alternative stores.

* Products sent for review purposes. Opinions 100% honest and my own - as always.


  1. Looks cool, I have a similar MAC one but it didn't come with a corrective pen, that is cool!

  2. Your eyebrows look amazing! Not sure about the pen - I think I would be too scared of using it.


  3. The semi-permanent bit is a little scary...! Hate that perfect products in felt tip form are so often useless within a tiny amount of time!


  4. I've been eyeing these up for a while, and the Gosh ones. I'm scared they'll dry out too fast but I love a sharp brow so I might have a look at the Gosh ones as I think this one might be a tad too dark for me for everyday.

  5. oh. dear. god.

    if you've seen my pics you'll know I am a die hard strong eyebrow girl.

    will definitely have a peep at these next time I'm in town.

    I use the colorsport permanent eyebrow ink pen thingy (technical term) as a base for my eyebrows as I think it kinda fills them out the same way a dye would, and holds the powder I use after - tighter and for longer.

    Your brows look immaculate here lady x

  6. holy shit I love your brows! I wish I could pull off strong brows like that but I look like a tranny if I even fill them in!
    Shame about it drying out though, that is the risk with most pen products, isn't it? =/ My Maybelline lip stain pen is well and truly dried out by now, it's a bit of a shame. xx

  7. I love stains and pens but they just dry out so quickly. If ever there were one that could last even a *month* with daily use, I would buy it!

  8. The whole look is amazing! I'm never that crazy about my brows (just keep them tweezed up) but you're inspiring :)

  9. MAC has eyebrow pens like these? I use Merle Norman's Powderbrow since it has amazing staying power, but I'd love to delve into an eyebrow pen if they come in taupe. Any suggestions?


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